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Where Can I Find Senior Rehabilitation Services in Dallas, TX?

Senior happy about senior rehabilitation in Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX, is home to several major global companies, along with a vibrant art and music scene, delicious southern cuisine, and, of course, the Dallas Cowboys football team. It also has a growing senior population that will need rehab services as their health declines. Finding senior rehabilitation in Dallas, TX, is essential for seniors who need short or long-term rehab services. Today’s senior living communities provide seniors with an enriching lifestyle along with important medical and therapeutic services on-site to care for their needs.

Ventana is a full-service luxury retirement community next to the Hyatt House Dallas/Lincoln Park off the 12 and 75 freeways. Our high-rise facility offers impressive skyline views of Dallas along with a number of beneficial senior rehab services. Seniors of all activity levels are welcome Ventana. Moreover, we can create an individualized care program to meet all of their current and future health needs. To hear more about our rehabilitation for seniors and how we can benefit your retirement, call 214.225.6197 today to schedule a tour and meet our friendly team.

Finding Senior Rehabilitation in Dallas, TX

Finding senior rehab in Dallas is essential for senior adults who need additional care after a medical procedure, accident, or experiencing a neurological event. Rehabilitation services include physical, occupational, and speech therapy, along with wound care, medication management, and assistance with daily living activities. In addition, seniors can enjoy the personal services and amenities the facility offers, including:

  • Nutritious meal plans
  • Religious services
  • Organized activities and social events

There are many reasons why seniors need a rehabilitation program. Short-term rehab is for seniors who need therapy for a few hours a day or week to recover from a fall, bone break or fracture, or a medical procedure. Long-term rehab is for those who have a major medical procedure or are recovering from a major stroke or neurological event and need round-the-clock care. It provides 24/7 support from skilled nursing staff, along with therapy sessions, monitoring vitals, and assistance with daily living needs. Long-term rehab can last from two weeks to several months, depending on the issue and the individual’s progress.

At Ventana, we offer senior rehabilitation in Dallas, TX, for seniors who need short or long-term rehabilitation after an accident, surgery, or medical emergency. We design our programs to adapt to each resident’s health needs. Also, we provide them with medical and therapeutic services within the community.

What to Expect from Senior Rehab in Dallas

Enrolling in a senior rehabilitation program in Dallas is the best way to regain lost abilities, reduce the risks of falls, and speed up the recovery process after surgery. It can give seniors a chance to maintain their independence and improve their overall quality of life.

Texas senior rehab services include medical and therapeutic services from trained professionals who dedicate themselves to helping seniors make the most out of their retirement. Enrolling in a rehab program is the best way to speed up the recovery process and get back to enjoying their retirement.

Here is what you can expect after enrolling in a senior rehab program:

Physical Therapy

Seniors who fall and break their hip, have knee replacements, or other breaks, fractures, and tears can benefit from physical therapy. During therapy sessions, seniors will:

  • Rebuild muscle strength and flexibility
  • Improve their ability to walk, carry objects, and other basic tasks
  • Reduces the risk of falling
  • Improve their ability to stand and complete household chores

Occupational Therapy

This type of therapy includes mental, physical, and psychological exercises. These can improve their ability to eat, dress, bathe, and other self-care tasks after a major neurological event or a serious injury or illness. Occupational therapy can:

  • Improve vision
  • Increase cognitive skills
  • Increase memory retention
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Improve their overall quality of life

Speech Therapy

Seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or who suffer a stroke can sometimes lose the ability to speak, swallow, and understand what others are saying. Speech therapy can restore these abilities and find new ways to cope with a disability. Seniors will work on:

  • Improving weakened vocal cords
  • Reduce swallowing problems
  • Improve memory retention
  • Decrease the effects of Aphasia and Dysarthria
  • Prevents weight loss

Find Texas Senior Rehab Services at Ventana in Dallas

Ventana’s luxury high-rise is in the heart of Dallas. We provide our residents with luxurious accommodations with full-time medical and therapeutic services to help them live their best lives. Therefore, we have multiple floorplans with floor-to-ceiling windows, gourmet kitchens, and spa-inspired bathrooms. We also have a full-time medical staff for our residents who need assistance with daily living needs and those who need full-time care.

To find senior rehab in Dallas, call 214.225.6197 or fill out our online assessment today, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.