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As with most Life Care communities that provide the assurance of ongoing care at predictable rates, Ventana requires an upfront entrance fee and a monthly payment in exchange for providing a wide array of services and amenities. Both the deposit and the monthly fee are associated with the size of the luxury apartment selected and the number of occupants.

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Most Members choose to fund their entrance fee from the proceeds of the sale of their home. When all of your current expenses are considered you will find that the monthly fee is, in most cases, comparable to your present cost of living. Included within your fee at Ventana are meals, utilities, housekeeping, security, grounds and maintenance upkeep and social, cultural, wellness and educational programming. There are no property taxes associated with residency.  Members at Ventana may be eligible for a tax deduction associated with payment of the entrance fee and ongoing monthly fees.  Please consult your tax advisor for additional information.

Reservation deposits are risk-free and fully-refundable should your plans change.


Value Guide

Beyond the material value of property and possessions, we most value the people we love, the places and experiences we cherish, and the good health that enables us to enjoy them.


Entrance Fees

An entrance fee is a one-time payment based on the size of the apartment selected. As a Member of Ventana, this entrance fee is 90% refundable to you or to your estate.


Life Care Benefits

Under current IRS guidelines, the non-refundable portion of your entrance fee may be submitted as a pre-paid medical expense in the year you occupy your Ventana residence.

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