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Value of Life Care



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The Ventana team is here to take the guesswork out of choosing a senior living community with transparency around pricing. We want our prospective members to understand every aspect of the decision they’re making.

If you have any questions about financing at Ventana, reach out to our team today at 844.785.0871 to learn more.


As with most Life Care communities that provide the assurance of ongoing care at predictable rates, Ventana requires an upfront entrance fee and a monthly payment in exchange for providing a wide array of services and amenities. Both the entrance fee and monthly fee are associated with the size of the luxury apartment selected and the number of occupants.

When you consider all current expenses, you will find that the monthly fee is, in most cases, comparable to your present cost of living.

What’s included with your fee at Ventana?

  • Meals
  • Utilities
  • Housekeeping
  • Security
  • Grounds and maintenance upkeep
  • Social, cultural, wellness and educational programming

In order to provide both the level of residential and medical excellence members deserve, as well as a financial model that is affordable and sustainable, a refundable entrance fee has been determined to be the best option for all concerned.

About Our Entrance Fees

Our entrance fee is a one-time payment based on the size of the apartment selected. As a member of Ventana, this entrance fee is 90% refundable to you or your estate. Payment of this sum, along with a monthly service fee, entitles you to a home at Ventana for life and the security of knowing what your future health care costs will be if and when those are needed.

Why Is There An Entrance Fee?

The entrance fee allows Ventana to offer you monthly service fees that are closer to what most retirees would pay on a monthly basis to maintain their current homes and lifestyles. The entrance fee also allows you the opportunity to convey the entrance fee to your estate as desired in the future.


Because Life Care community entrance fees are often refundable, and because monthly fees cover service, amenities and programming as well as mitigate the cost of future care, it can be difficult, though not impossible, to make a direct cost comparison between Life Care and other living options.

To calculate the difference at Ventana, first note the entrance fee amount associated with the apartment of your choice. Then subtract the percentage of the entrance fee that will be refunded to you or your estate when your contract concludes (a 90% refundable plan). Then request an accounting of the monthly fee associated with the apartment you have selected and all that it covers; rent, taxes, utilities, homeowner’s insurance, housekeeping, grounds keeping, all maintenance and appliance repair, entertainment and recreational experiences and meals. Finally, you can obtain the average cost of assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing in the area by researching communities that offer those services on a monthly basis.

The Tax Benefits of Life at Ventana

Ventana members may be eligible for a tax deduction associated with payment of the entrance fee and ongoing monthly fees. In addition, there are no property taxes associated with residency at Ventana. Under current IRS guidelines, the reservation deposits are risk-free and fully refundable should your plans change. Please consult your tax advisor for additional information.

Our Financing Setup Allows for Future Changes

Our payment model makes it possible for members to enjoy the benefits of life at a continuing care retirement community, where the assurance of multiple levels of care in the future are offered to you at predictable costs.


Choosing your next home is a major decision, and we’re here to help you on your journey. Download our Value Guide or use our affordability calculator to see for yourself if your monthly expenses are financially compatible with those at Ventana.

Ready to take the next step? Contact us today by calling 844.785.0871 to discuss what moving to Ventana might look like for you and your personal finances.

Value Guide

Beyond the material value of property and possessions, we most value the people we love, the places and experiences we cherish, and the good health that enables us to enjoy them. Our Value Guide helps connect the things we love to the things we need to survive.

Affordability Calculator

Don’t just be confident about your finances—be sure. Use our online affordability calculator to bring peace of mind to the financial planning process. We take into account your housing costs, upkeep costs, and the cost of your lifestyle. We then compare them to the area averages so you can determine if life at Ventana is the right move for you.

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