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Our short-term skilled rehab center, Ascend Rehabilitation, offers everything a body needs to recover from acute illness, injury or surgery. In a state-of-the-art facility, our experienced rehabilitation team will work to help you ascend to your optimum wellbeing, just as our name implies.

Here’s what progressive recovery looks like at Ascend Rehabilitation:

  • Beautiful private rooms with luxurious bathrooms
  • Nutritious, freshly prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner menu selections
  • A licensed medical director and a director of nursing
  • Physical, speech, occupational therapists
  • State-of-the-art therapeutic and recovery equipment
  • Specialized activities and programs
  • 24-hour availability of experienced nursing staff
  • Medical records coordinator and social services director

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When a Member suffers a serious fall or medical trauma, they may need to receive special care at Ascend Rehabilitation. Here we can provide skilled nursing and rehabilitation with around-the-clock treatment and supervision. Treatments can range from regaining communication skills, improving mobility, strength training for using wheelchairs and walkers, carrying out daily activities (such as bathing and dressing), improving muscle function and emotional support. The goal is to help Members return to their maximum functional potential after suffering a health-related setback.

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