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Benefits of Meditation for Seniors

Older woman practicing meditation for seniors outdoors on a beautiful day

According to surveys, more Americans than ever are regularly participating in meditation or mindfulness practice. Researchers have found evidence to suggest that meditation can offer many mental and physical health benefits, and schools have even begun incorporating mindfulness practices for students. Seniors can also participate in these practices, taking advantage of the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. For example, at Ventana, an assisted living community in Dallas, members participating in the VentanaFIT program can learn how meditation and mindfulness support a healthy lifestyle for older adults. 

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What Is Meditation? 

Meditation has a long and complex history, going back thousands of years and connecting to many spiritual and religious traditions. However, the practice is simple and needn’t include religious or spiritual components. Meditation is the practice of focusing the mind. It can take many forms, such as guided meditation, short periods of quiet reflection, walking meditation, and many others. Mindfulness practice is a related activity adapted from more traditional forms of meditation to be more accessible to modern people. 

What Are the Benefits of Meditation? 

Meditation may have many benefits for seniors, including better mental and physical health. Some of the benefits that researchers have studied are: 

  • Management of mental health issues such as depression or anxiety 
  • Controlling pain 
  • Better quality of sleep 
  • Reducing blood pressure 
  • Alleviating distress related to physical illness 
  • Controlling weight 

Seniors may reap these benefits of meditation by devoting just a few minutes daily to the practice.

How Can Seniors Get Involved in Meditation? 

Getting involved in meditation for the first time may seem like a challenge, but the good news is that starting to meditate is very easy. Beginners can try it out by simply setting a timer for a few minutes and focusing on the breath. At first, it might be difficult to stop thinking about random things, but this is normal. There is no way to make a mistake while meditating; with practice, it gets easier to return to focusing on your breath.   

Some other ways to get involved and try meditating are: 

  • Find some guided meditations online and try them out. There are many geared toward beginners. 
  • Try walking meditation. You do not have to sit in a complicated position to meditate – you can find a nice, flat path and have a walk while you do it. 
  • Use a smartphone or tablet app. There are many meditation apps available that can help you develop a meditation or mindfulness practice that will work for you. 
  • Attend a group that meditates, or try some yoga. Groups often welcome beginners and can help you improve your practice. You might even make some new friends.
  • Ask your religious or spiritual community for guidance. Many religions practice some form of meditation. There may already be a practice you can learn that will align with your spiritual values. 
  • Set aside a little time to reflect each day. Even if you aren’t ready to jump into a full meditation practice, taking time each day for some quiet reflection can be a good starting point.  

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