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10 Benefits of Retiring in Texas


When it comes time to retire, there are a lot of things to consider: 

  • What kind of lifestyle do you want? 
  • What’s your ideal weather? 
  • What kinds of things do you want to do? 
  • How can you make your retirement savings go further? 
  • Do you move closer to family? 

With a variety of living options, Texas offers an engaging retirement lifestyle with mild winters and tax laws that help you get more from each retirement dollar. This blog post will look at the benefits of retiring in Texas so you can make a more informed decision.

Why you should consider retiring in Texas.

  1. Tax-free income: Retirees living on a fixed income can make their dollars stretch further by living in Texas because it’s one of the few states — along with Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming —  that doesn’t tax personal income. That means your income from Social Security, a 401(k), IRA, pension, or even working won’t be taxed.
  2. Low cost of living: One of the most important things that can help make your retirement savings go further is your day-to-day cost of living. According to a 2020 report by Kiplinger, 7 of the 25 cheapest U.S. cities to live in are in Texas. Plus, at its highest, sales tax is only 8.25%, and groceries and medications are exempt from sales tax. 
  3. Health care: Texas is home to world-class hospitals and doctors, so you won’t have to worry about finding quality options to help manage any health conditions.
  4. Lose the snow shovel: While the Dallas Fort Worth area does experience all four seasons, the winters are usually quite mild. So if you’re ready to trade in snow for plenty of fun in the sun and enjoyable temperatures, Texas is a clear choice.
  5. Big-time sports: Texas is well known for both college and professional football, but it also features major league baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer teams, along with stock car racing. So no matter what sport (or sports) you’re passionate about,Texas has a team.
  6. Picture-perfect locale: Texas offers a lot of picturesque settings. The Hill Country, the Gulf Coast, the west Texas canyons … you can see it all without leaving the state. And there are a  variety of urban skylines and unique neighborhoods just waiting for you to discover. 
  7. We’re hiring: If you’re looking for part-time work or want to pursue a second career, Texas has a lot of job opportunities. And you won’t pay any state income taxes on what you earn.
  8. Be fair: Held every year since 1886 in Dallas’ historic Fair Park, the State Fair of Texas is the country’s longest-running fair, drawing  hundreds of thousands of people every year.
  9. More than the Texas two-step: You may think of Texas as being mostly country music, but the Lone Star State has produced Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, ZZ Top and Janis Joplin, just to name a few. And there’s still a vibrant music scene to this day. 
  10. Like a whole other country: There’s a good reason that “Texas, like a whole other country,” is the state’s tourism slogan. At over 268,000 square miles, Texas is the largest state in the continental U.S., with myriad  cultures and terrains just waiting to be explored. Texas even has its own food styles: Tex-Mex and Texas-style BBQ. 

Dallas is one of the best cities in Texas to retire in.

Travel + Leisure recently voted the Dallas/Fort Worth area as one of the 11 best places to retire in the U.S. for its small-town feel with city conveniences like restaurants, shopping, museums, entertainment and professional sports teams.

Ventana by Buckner is one of the best communities in Texas to live in.

With so much to do, It’s easy to see why a lot of seniors are choosing to retire in Dallas, Texas. As you start to narrow down your retirement options, be sure to consider the area’s premier high-rise senior living community: Ventana by Buckner. With residential and our community features an engaging lifestyle today with a smart, practical plan for the future. Take a look around and then contact us here to come see everything we have to offer for yourself.