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Short Term Rehab: What Is It?

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If you search the internet for “what is short-term rehab,” it likely means you or a loved one needs around-the-clock care. Senior short-term rehab helps senior adults recover from a fall, accident, major surgery, stroke, or other neurological event. Rehabilitation delivers quality medical and therapeutic care in a senior living community where patients can socialize with other seniors and participate in mentally stimulating activities.

Ventana provides Texas residents with comprehensive senior short-term rehab services that can treat several illnesses and ailments. In addition to short-term rehab, we provide a wide range of senior living programs to give seniors a fulfilling retirement. To start a conversation about short-term rehab treatment and schedule a tour with our experienced team, call 214.225.6197 today. 

What Is Short-Term Rehab?

What is short-term rehabilitation, exactly? A senior short-term rehab program allows senior adults to safely recover from surgery, an accident, or a sudden medical emergency. It considers the difficulties seniors face with recovery and works to lessen those complications through a mix of therapeutic care and medical services.

Seniors who try to recover at home must rely on a part-time caregiver, spouse, or family member. Recovering at home can significantly increase the risk of worsening health and increased hospital stay times. Additionally, recovering at home increases the risk of:

  • Falling and tearing stitches or reopening wounds
  • Experiencing more pain and discomfort
  • Needing additional surgery to repair new injuries
  • Mismanaging medication
  • Declining personal hygiene 
  • Eating foods that don’t contain enough vitamins and nutrients to support recovery
  • Added stress and discomfort, which can slow down the recovery process

The length of short-term rehab is different for each person. Typically, this program can last from a few days to two weeks. More extended stays are available for seniors with more complex issues or who struggle to meet their recovery goals.

What to Expect During Short-Term Rehab Treatment

Short-term rehab programs are tailored to the individual’s medical and therapeutic needs. If you are considering enrolling in a short-term rehab care program, here is what you can expect after enrollment:

Health Assessment

The first step in developing an effective short-term rehab treatment is determining the care types necessary to recover fully. A medical team will work closely with you and your doctor or care provider to discuss the injury or illness and create a treatment plan. They will set recovery goals, monitor your progress, and update the program accordingly.

Medical Care

Short-term rehab can care for many injuries and illnesses, from broken hips and fractured bones to heart attacks, strokes, and other neurological events. They can also support seniors recovering from surgery and needing 24/7 assistance. Medical staff will monitor vitals, administer medications, and provide wound care and other medical services. 

Therapeutic Care

An essential part of the recovery process is ensuring patients won’t re-injure themselves and restore or replace any lost abilities due to a stroke or dementia. There are three types of therapeutic care:

  • Physical therapy – For rebuilding strength and flexibility, reducing the risks of falls, and enabling seniors to maintain their independence
  • Speech therapy – For strengthening vocal cords, regaining speech, and learning to swallow without choking or regurgitation
  • Occupational therapy – For improving motor skills, range of motion, and mobility, as well as relearning the ability to perform familiar tasks due to a stroke or advancing dementia

Personal Services and Amenities

In addition to the above services, enrolling in short-term rehab at a senior living community comes with a wide range of personal services and amenities. These can include assistance with daily living activities, nutritious meal plans, social events, and life-enriching activities. These facilities give seniors the care they need while creating an environment that allows for a mentally stimulating retirement. 

Call Today to Discover the Benefits of Short-Term Rehab Care at Ventana

What is short-term rehab? The Ventana’s luxury senior living community team will answer any questions you have about our short-term rehab programs and how they can benefit your recovery. During recovery, seniors can enjoy several personal services to enhance their experience.

Our programs include daily life-enriching activities and social events, wellness programs, and state-of-the-art exercise equipment. We also offer chaplaincy, transportation, and indoor and outdoor courtyards in a high-rise building.

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