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Memory Care for Those Struggling with Dementia in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Smiling, happy couple in memory care for dementia in Dallas Fort Worth

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is a large metropolitan area with a lower cost of living when compared to the rest of the country. The area is known as Silicon Prairie and hosts several major companies in the healthcare, telecommunications, energy, technology, and medical research industries.1 Seniors can find memory care for dementia in Dallas-Fort Worth and get the care and attention they need to slow the progression of the disease. Memory care facilities are equipped to handle all dementia cases, no matter how severe the symptoms are. 

At Ventana, we support seniors with Dementia or who suffered a stroke or other neurological event. Our high-rise, luxurious facility is in Northeast Dallas, close to White Rock Lake, with plenty of outdoor areas for nature walks and a healthy dose of sunlight (Vitamin D). We create a tailored treatment plan for each resident that can adapt as their health changes and includes a wide range of therapies and mentally stimulating activities. To learn more about our memory care for seniors in Dallas-Forth-Worth, call 214.225.6197 today and speak with one of our caring team members.

Recognizing if Your Parents Are Struggling with Dementia

Most seniors will experience some memory loss and cognitive decline as they age. 40% of seniors over 65 will experience some form of age-related memory loss, but not to the point where it causes significant disruption.2 Seniors with dementia will display noticeable symptoms of memory loss and cognitive decline that cause problems in their day-to-day lives.

If you think your parents are beginning to show signs of dementia but are not sure, here are some common signs that your parents are struggling with dementia:

  • They misplace words in a sentence without realizing it.
  • Their favorite activities and hobbies become too difficult to do.
  • They forget to take their daily medications.
  • They experience frequent mood swings or personality changes.
  • They wander away from home and get lost.
  • They don’t recognize numbers or common symbols like street signs.
  • They become confused about the time of day or where they are.

While there is no cure for dementia, several effective treatment programs can slow the disease and help seniors restore some lost memories and abilities. 

Ventana’s senior living community provides dementia memory care in Dallas-Fort Worth for seniors who are living with dementia and need 24/7 support. Our care programs are tailored to the individual and include a wide list of personal services and amenities to give them a comfortable and fulfilling retirement.

The Benefits of Memory Care for Dementia in Dallas-Fort Worth

Enrolling your parents in a memory care program has many physical and psychological benefits. They will be in the best place for their health and well-being, and you and your family can relax knowing they are getting the care and attention they need. Here are some additional benefits of dementia memory care in Dallas-Forth Worth: 

  • 24/7 support from trained professionals committed to caring for seniors with dementia
  • Medication management so seniors get their medications on time and don’t worry about refills
  • Comfortable rooms in a secure facility with indoor and outdoor communal areas for socializing and games
  • Nutritious meal plans that consider dietary and medical restrictions
  • Physical, speech, and occupational therapies
  • Mentally stimulating games and activities to promote memory retention and happiness
  • Assistance with daily living activities like bathing, dressing, and bathroom use
  • Transportation services to doctors’ appointments

Seniors living with dementia will find comprehensive support from a team of caregivers who understands the difficulties of treating dementia. They use the latest medicinal, therapeutic, and holistic therapies to slow memory loss and restore lost abilities.

Ventana Offers Memory Care for Seniors in Dallas-Fort Worth

Your parents can enroll in dementia memory care in Dallas-Fort Worth at Ventana’s luxury high-rise retirement community. Our facility is in Northeast Dallas near Caruth Haven Lane and North Central Expressway near the 12 and 75 highway intersection and offers a wide range of services that include:

  • Independent living programs
  • Assisted living programs
  • Memory care programs
  • Respite care services
  • Short and long-term rehabilitation services
  • Long-term skilled nursing care
  • Life care services

To see if our senior living community is right for your parents living with dementia, call 214.225.6197 today or complete our web form to schedule a tour and meet our dedicated team.  


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