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Green Spaces – Ventana’s Urban Escape, an Interview with Talley Associates

Coy Talley, ASLA, has a vision for the master landscaping plan for Ventana by Buckner: In his words, he sees the design direction reflecting a luxury, urban “escape.” Talley, founding principal for Talley Associates, is collaborating with Eric Antrim, the firm’s project planner and designer, to establish Ventana’s escape-based aesthetic. The two recently revealed the Talley team’s vision starting from ground level all the way through the upper floors. “The drive up to the Ventana site through a portal of decorative walls and colorful plantings funnels the view towards the Autocourt at the main entry,” Talley said. “The Autocourt is defined by a central fountain feature and cobblestone pavers and is secluded by a perimeter wall covered in vines for added privacy.  A grove of trees provides an additional layer of screening towards neighboring properties with its foliage canopy rising above the wall. A large overhead canopy provides a protective and grand entrance to the main lobby.” Antrim said the exterior landscaping only hints at the beauty within the community itself. “Upon entering the Grand Lobby, the opposing view features another wall fountain and a view is provided from the lobby out towards the back lawn area, bookending the visual experience from the central fountain feature in the Autocourt.”

The back lawn includes outdoor lounge seating and a trellis covered outdoor kitchen and group dining table. The outdoor kitchen is complete with gas grill, prep area with an operable sink and a small refrigerator. The group dining table features a linear fire pit in the center of the table. This garden area is enclosed by colorful plantings, a tall hedge and decorative screen wall to screen out the neighboring properties and provide a tranquil atmosphere and privacy. One of the interesting features of the design, said Talley, is that it caters to more than human residents. “A gated, private pet park is also provided in a separate area on the ground floor and includes a watering station and benches.”

Interior Landscaping

In addition to external landscaping, interior landscaping will be an important design feature at Ventana. A central interior garden with a fountain feature, sculptural bamboo plantings, intimate seating areas and decorative hanging light features will brighten the interior areas of Ventana. Fully enclosed by glass windows and doors on the interior, a beautiful courtyard is open to the sky above, allowing natural light to brighten the surrounding space. Ventana’s design includes many areas for residents to enjoy outdoor living in privacy. “Several balconies on each level of the central connector will allow residents to enjoy fresh air and casual outdoor dining, group activities, or private spaces for conversation or reading a book. One balcony includes two outdoor fireplaces for residents’ use.” said Antrim. An outdoor dining terrace with stunning views of downtown Dallas is planned for the 4th Level. This area includes an outdoor fireplace and wooden stage area for special events. Completing the landscaping aesthetic will be the design of the 5th Floor roof of the central connector, which ties the two residential towers together. This area features a community garden and a putting green and provides shaded seating areas and secure glass rails to overlook the surrounding city. For more information about Talley Landscape Architects and to see example’s of Talley’s work, visit their website at