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Ventana’s Life Care Agreement: Your Peace of Mind for the Future

The list of amenities and services included at Ventana by Buckner is exhaustive, said Charlie Wilson, Executive vice president for Buckner Retirement Services, but many overlook one of the community”s biggest benefits: “the peace of mind of our Life Care benefit.”Wilson added that Ventana’s Life Care benefit not only “covers expenses such as rent, dining, utilities, housekeeping and entertainment, but also offers the assurance of future care such as Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing, if and when those services are required over the course of their lifetimes.”

How can Ventana offer such a comprehensive agreement? “Because it”s a Life Care Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC),” explained Mary Greer, Ventana’s director of marketing. “With Life Care at Ventana, residents enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive life care agreement in exchange for a one-time, largely refundable entry fee and a monthly fee that includes a full complement of services and amenities,” she said. “For example, when healthcare is needed, residents will know where they will receive it, who will provide it and what it will cost. They will also, in most cases, realize tax benefits as the IRS allows the non-refundable portion of entrance fees and a portion of the total monthly fees paid to be tax deductible as prepaid medical expenses annually.””Consequently,” said Wilson, “residents can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that all of the “what-ifs” of the future are covered because of the full range of programs and services available at Ventana. In addition to eliminating the expense, effort and uncertainty of owning and maintaining a home, the decision to move to Ventana ultimately frees residents and their families from the likelihood of having to make difficult care decisions in years to come.”