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Seniors and Technology are the Perfect Pair

We see technology everywhere we go. From our electronic medical records to smartphone applications (app) that connect us to rides and delivery services, technology is involved in many aspects of our daily lives. Due to the increase of technology in everyday activities, seniors are more digitally connected than ever before. In fact, four out of 10 older adults own a smartphone, and more than two-thirds spend time on the internet. In our digital age, older adults are more connected to technology partially because they’ve found the benefits in using it. So how do older adults benefit from technology? From safety to socialization, we answer this question below.

6 Benefits of Technology for Seniors

  1. Increased safety measures. While we certainly never hope to be in danger, access to technology can help to give us peace of mind. Owning a cell phone allows you to quickly make a call, anywhere and at any time. Plus, personal monitoring and security devices can help to track important metrics, such as blood sugar and our heart rates.
  2. Opportunities for socialization. Phone calls, text messages and video calls are just a few ways that technology can encourage socialization opportunities with friends and loved ones. This is especially helpful when staying connected with those who may live further away or have busy schedules. While no technology can replace face-to-face interaction, these opportunities increase socialization and decrease feelings of isolation.
  3. Access to medical information. All healthcare providers offer some sort of app or website portal where you can access your personal electronic medical records. This quick access to your medical information can be extremely beneficial, so be sure to ask your medical provider what services they offer. You’ll be able to quickly look up your past records, track your appointments and even message your doctor directly with questions or concerns.
  4. Mental stimulation. While technology brings us entertainment options like television shows and social media, there are other opportunities that can help us exercise our brains and increase mental stimulation. You can use your devices to download logic puzzle apps and mind games, like Tetris and Trivial Pursuit, to improve brain health. You also have the vastness of the internet at your fingertips, so you can quickly look up any information you want on a search engine.
  5. Physical fitness opportunities. The vast amount of information available online even includes fitness tips and videos! YouTube and other video hosting platforms offer an endless database of workout videos, whether you’re experienced or looking for something new to stay active in your everyday life. You even have the option to use gaming systems, such as the Nintendo Wii, to get you up and moving.
  6. Convenience. Looking to have dinner but don’t want to leave your home? Or do you need a ride to an appointment? The endless smartphone apps available can add convenience to your life, whether that be connecting you to a ride service or someone who can run a few errands for you.

Find Access to Technology at Ventana by Buckner

At Ventana by Buckner, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live a fulfilling, engaging life, no matter their age. One way we do that at Ventana is through the use of technology in our amenities and services. From a state-of-the-art wellness center that includes equipment featuring personalized wellness programs to our available business center, technology features throughout the community will help you stay connected. And with Wi-Fi and high-speed internet access throughout the community, you’ll always be able to use your devices in your home. If you’d like to schedule an information session, apply for residence or simply ask some questions to our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re always available to assist in researching and evaluating your options. You can also click on this link to schedule your personal tour of our community.