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Enjoy the Advantages of a Senior Living Community at Ventana

What are you looking for in your retirement years? For some, it will be traveling and spending more time with family and friends. Others may get excited about the possibility of reigniting interest in long-forgotten hobbies. No matter where your interests lie, it comes down to one goal – the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest. At Ventana by Buckner, we believe that moving to a senior living community is part of the solution to the quest for happiness. Living in a Life Plan community like our luxury high-rise opens up a world of possibilities for your retirement years. And we’re not the only ones that think so. A recent study in the U.K. found that people who live in retirement communities are overall happier and healthier than their counterparts who have not moved to a community. So, what exactly are the advantages of senior living communities? Well, let’s find out.

5 Benefits of Senior Living and How it Enhances Your Life

  1. Maintenance-free living. Are you tired of constantly doing yardwork or cleaning a house that feels too big? At a Life Plan community like Ventana, there’s no need to spend your time on household chores – we take care of that for you. Our maintenance-free style of living is designed to take away stress of everyday life and offer you the chance to instead spend your days enjoying the things you love most.
  2. Increased socialization opportunities. At a senior living community, you are surrounded by likeminded neighbors who become good friends. And there’s always something going on! That’s not to say you aren’t able to enjoy some personal time in your private, luxurious apartment – but when you’re ready to connect with others, all you have to do is walk outside your door. Whether it be grabbing a bite to eat with friends at one of our many on-site restaurants or joining a card game, there are numerous ways for you to socialize with other Members of the community.
  3. Peace of mind for the future. Choosing a Life Care community means you have the opportunity to enjoy an active, independent lifestyle now with peace of mind that any future care needs will be met in the place you call home. With Life Care at Ventana, Members can enjoy their days knowing that all of the “what-ifs” of the future are covered with the full continuum of care offered in the community. When treatment is needed, you can rest easy knowing where you will receive it, who will provide it and what it will cost.
  4. An abundance of amenities and services. Not only will you enjoy the beauty of your own apartment overlooking the Dallas skyline, but you’ll also enjoy various amenities and services available within the community! Think of it as an extension of your apartment. In the same building you live in, you’ll experience amenities and services from a movie theater, state-of-the-art fitness center, creative arts studio, salon and spa, pet park and more!
  5. A luxurious place to call home. More than anything, your apartment in a senior living community is a place to call home. This is the place where you can be your truest self, feel comfortable and personalize to your discerning taste. Choosing to move to a senior living community like Ventana offers a balance between luxury amenities and a cozy place to call home.


Your Happiness… Guaranteed!

We understand that making a retirement living plan can feel like a move you may not be able to take back. Even when the alternative is a gorgeous high-rise residence that complements fabulous lifestyle amenities with impeccable safety standards and the assurance of Life Care, it can be overwhelming. So, we’ve just made it that much easier to decide if Ventana is right for you. We’re sure you’re going to love it here… in fact, we guarantee it! The Ventana Promise is our pledge to you that you will enhance your life and find happiness as a Member at our community. Our goal is to ensure the happiness of Ventana Members from the very beginning of their journey. We’ve created three options that will essentially take the risk out of your decision, enabling you to make a plan in incremental steps and change your mind without financial consequence. By exercising the option of your choice, you can experience the beauty, elegance and lifelong security of Ventana for yourself — and reserve the right to decide until you’re certain you’ve made the right choice. [hrgsc]

Live a Happier Life at Ventana, a Senior Living Community in Dallas, TX

At Ventana by Buckner, our Members have all they need to experience a happy, comfortable retirement. If you’d like to schedule an information session, apply for residence or simply ask some questions to our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re always available to assist in researching and evaluating your options. You can also click on this link to schedule your personal tour of our community.