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Why Life Care Communities Are Worth the Investment

Smiling senior woman contemplating costs of life care community

When evaluating whether life care is right for you, you may wonder: “What is the value of life care? What are the costs of a life care community?” To make the best decision about your retirement, it helps to learn more about what life care communities offer and how to determine life care community expenses.

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The Full Value of a Life Care Community

There is a long list of emotional, practical, and financial reasons why moving to a luxury senior living community makes sense for many people. The value of a life care community can be broken down into five distinct categories:

  1. Community – Having the ability to live in a vibrant, social neighborhood, free from the burdens of home ownership.
  2. Care – Taking advantage of advanced care options like assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing.
  3. Family – Staying near your partner, even if you require different levels of care, and ensuring that your children and loved ones don’t bear the physical and financial stresses of caregiving.
  4. Financial Security – Leaving your legacy intact, thanks to cost containment and refundable entrance deposits.
  5. Lifestyle – Benefitting from extensive amenities and services like fitness centers, pools, theaters, fine dining, and high-value programming.

Each of these factors, on its own, contributes significant value to seniors as they age. Considered all together, these five differentiators give life care community members a chance to thrive, taking confidence in the knowledge that they have made the best choices for themselves and those they love.

Evaluating Life Care Community Expenses

When deciding whether to stay at home or to move into life care, it helps to compare the associated costs and return on investment (ROI). To calculate what your costs would be at a life care community, you can:

  • Write down the entrance deposit amount associated with the apartment of your choice.
  • Subtract the percentage of the entrance deposit that will be refunded to you or your estate when your contract concludes.
  • Request an accounting of monthly fees associated with your desired apartment. It should include everything that falls under those monthly fees, such as rent, taxes, utilities, homeowner’s insurance, maintenance, entertainment, meals, and other expenses.
  • Determine the average costs of assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing by researching communities in the surrounding area that charge monthly fees for those services.
  • See if the community provides 24-hour professional care for life and compare the cost-effectiveness of this around-the-clock care relative to any existing long-term care insurance policies you may have.

Understanding the costs of a life care community is important before making decisions about your retirement.

Choose Life Care at Ventana for Your Retirement

At Ventana, we understand that aging can bring uncertainty and unexpected challenges. That’s why we offer life care, a comprehensive approach to senior living that provides our members peace of mind and security.

Our life care program is designed to provide a continuum of care, including independent living, assisted living, memory care, long-term care, and rehabilitation services. With life care, our members can rest easy knowing that their future healthcare needs will be met in a comfortable, familiar setting without worrying about unexpected costs or transitions to different facilities.

After investigating other senior living options, it’s easy to see why many people decide that Ventana is the life care community for them. The value that Ventana provides, relative to its costs, makes it an excellent choice for anyone ready to leave the burdens of home ownership behind. Call us at 214.225.6197 or complete our web form to speak with a counselor to learn more.