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The Cost of Senior Living: A Guide to Fees at Ventana

If you’re considering moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) or Life Plan Community in Dallas, such as Ventana by Buckner, you likely have some questions and concerns related to the projected costs. At most CCRCs, including at Ventana, members typically pay a one-time entrance deposit (which is largely refundable at Ventana) and recurring monthly fees in exchange for all the services and amenities that these communities provide. Because of the risk-free nature of the entrance deposits—as well as the security and peace of mind afforded by the monthly fees—what seniors find at Ventana is a Dallas senior living community that offers residents a fulfilling, high-end lifestyle at a tremendous value. To learn more about how the payment structure works at Ventana, why fees are necessary, and what benefits residents receive, read on.

Planning for the Costs of Senior Living

For starters, let’s address the most common reasons why seniors hesitate when deciding to move to a CCRC or Life Plan Community: affordability, healthcare costs, and estate planning. People want to know that they can afford to live in a CCRC. Likewise, they want to know they’ll be able to cover any potential health-related costs that may arise as they age, and that they’ll leave their estates in good standing for their loved ones. To many seniors’ surprise, Life Plan Communities such as Ventana can actually make financial planning much more manageable, predictable, and secure than alternatives such as aging in place. This happens because residents of CCRCs understand exactly how much money their living expenses will cost them, at time of move-in and year after year. They often realize that, by virtue of the funds they receive from selling their homes, they can afford Life Care plans at places like Ventana. They also appreciate that all their healthcare costs are already taken care of by the community—and that their refundable entrance fees help them plan for the future.

How the Fees Work—and Why They’re Necessary

As stated above, most Life Plan Communities operate on an entrance deposit + recurring monthly fee model. Here’s how this model works at Ventana:

  • In exchange for a one-time deposit, Ventana members enjoy lifetime priority access to on-site health care services and accommodations at a significant discount over market rate.
  • Entrance deposits are 90% refundable to you personally or to your estate when the agreement ends.
  • How much your entrance deposit costs depends on the apartment you select, and ensures you receive priority access to future on-site health care at significant discounts, for life.
  • Monthly fees cover everything that helps keep you happy and healthy during your time at Ventana—including the services and amenities.
  • Monthly fees are determined by the apartment and location selected and in many cases are less than current household expenses.

These fees are necessary because they enable Ventana to offer members the levels of service, care, and convenience they need. The entrance deposit makes it possible for Ventana to offer lower monthly fees, and the monthly fees allow Ventana to give members the peace of mind associated with controlled, consistent living expenses. [hrgsc]

The Financial Benefits of Living in a CCRC

Moving to a Life Plan Community helps seniors eliminate the hassles of bill-paying, property taxes, and irksome home maintenance. This savings comes out to a significant financial value because owning and maintaining a house can be a large and expensive burden to shoulder. Also, at Ventana, members aren’t charged higher fees for additional care or meal changes. The care factor is invaluable: Ventana provides 24-hour care from a team of experienced, welcoming professionals—without upcharges or hidden costs—even when members outlive their assets. This is one of the primary reasons why seniors choose Life Plan Communities, and it is one of the most profound ways by which CCRCs provide exceptional value. Furthermore, moving to a Life Care CCRC like Ventana comes with tax incentives and advantages because portions of your living expenses can be claimed as tax-deductible medical expenses.

An Ideal Senior Living Lifestyle

Beyond the benefits listed above, residents at CCRCs enjoy active, fulfilling lifestyles thanks to all that their communities have to offer. Ventana’s members experience arguably the highest standard of living at any senior living community in Dallas, thanks to the following benefits (which are just a sampling of all Ventana has to offer):

  • Multiple fine dining and casual cuisine options
  • Modern, fully-equipped wellness and fitness centers
  • On-site rehab center
  • Creative arts studio, meeting and game rooms, library and business center
  • Salon and spa
  • Heated indoor pool
  • Movie theater
  • Outdoor terrace and patio areas
  • Pet park
  • Underground parking

The deposits and fees that Ventana collects allow it to invest in these—and many more—luxury services and amenities, which enhance members’ lives and strengthen the community.

Explore The Value of Ventana by Buckner

If you or your loved ones are considering Ventana by Buckner among other senior living options in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, we invite you to explore the costs and benefits of life at Ventana by downloading our Value Guide. This free resource will show why moving to Ventana is one of the wisest decisions a family can make to protect assets against market fluctuations and potential health emergencies. Please also feel free to explore our website, or call us at 214-234-1035 for more information.