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Beyond the material value of property and possessions, we most value the people we love, the places and experiences we cherish, and the good health that enables us to enjoy them.

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Value Guide

Living at Ventana represents a remarkable value to those who have done the math and made the decision to live in the region’s most desirable Life Care community. You won’t have to shoulder the cost of owning and maintaining a house. Make the move to Ventana and leave maintenance expenses, real estate taxes and utility bills behind.

Members at Ventana may also be eligible for a tax deduction associated with payment of the entrance fee and ongoing monthly fees.  Please consult your tax advisor for additional information.


By entering into a Life Care benefit at Ventana, you are not only covering the cost of your residence, meals, housekeeping, recreation, transportation and entertainment. You are purchasing the lifetime guarantee of on-site care for Assisted Living, Memory Care Services, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation when you need those services.

Life Care at Ventana means just what it says – care that lasts for a lifetime. As a Member, if you outlive your resources for reasons beyond your control, you will have the assurance that you can continue to enjoy a lifetime of residency at Ventana according to the terms of the Residence and Service Agreement.


Because the Life Care benefit covers the contingencies of life so comprehensively, Ventana Members can focus on the social, spiritual and physical enrichment made possible by the programs and amenities at Ventana. And they can do so free of worries about burdening their children and loved ones in the years ahead.

Don’t take our word for it. Look at the numbers for yourself. Talk to your financial advisor. Compare the costs of living independently at Ventana against your current living expenses. Factor in the cost of health services and the potential for inflation and market volatility.

Then consider the value of living in a dazzling and dynamic community in the heart of Dallas/Fort Worth, where recreational, educational and social opportunities—along with gourmet meals, housekeeping, wellness services and security—are all included.

When you add it all up, we think you’ll agree that for your future, and for your money, Ventana by Buckner is the right choice.

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