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Should I Downsize My Home?

Downsizing during retirement years is one of the most common reasons homeowners choose to move out of their longtime places of residences. Not only do you want to stretch your retirement savings out for as long as possible, but retirement is also a time to explore opportunities to let go of the worry of home ownership. Downsizing may be an option in your near future – but when is the time to make the move?

Should I Downsize My Home?

Here are a few reasons it may be time to consider downsizing your home:

  1. There’s Too Much Space: One of the most obvious signs that it’s time to downsize your home is once you realize there is too much “space” in your current living situation. With children having moved out and the spare room accumulating unwanted items, you don’t need the space you used to. Say goodbye to clutter and choose a living situation that offers only the things you need.
  2. Your Yard is Difficult to Maintain: If outdoor household maintenance like mowing the lawn or weeding are becoming physically painful, consider moving to a place that doesn’t require as much upkeep. Even if you’re paying someone else to accomplish these tasks, it will be much easier and result in less stress if you don’t even have to worry about it.
  3. It’s Not Safe Anymore: As we age, we may begin to notice that our houses don’t offer the level of safety that we need. Maybe walking up and down the stairs puts too much pressure on your joints. Or you aren’t comfortable living alone. Whatever your reason may be, a home is meant to offer comfort and safety, and it may be time to find a home that offers you these benefits.
  4. You’re Looking for a More Comfortable Retirement Lifestyle: Now is the time to live the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of. Consider making the move to a senior living community where all amenities and services you need are available for you to live a vibrant retirement lifestyle. With mundane household tasks taken care of for you, you have the opportunity to focus more on the things that you love. Plus, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your needs will be taken care of now and in the future.

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At Ventana by Buckner, you aren’t just choosing a high-rise, luxurious lifestyle – you’re choosing a new home you can love and be comfortable in. You have the opportunity to live a maintenance-free lifestyle with all the amenities in a warm, spacious apartment ready to be personalized to your taste. Take a look through our floor plans to find a layout that works for your needs. If you like what you see, give us a call! Contact us today to schedule an informational session with our team members.