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9 Ways to Stay Active When You Can’t Go Out

Is not being able to go outside as often making you a bit stir crazy? We definitely get it. Being unable to hit the gym, go to the office on a daily basis or see family and friends as often disrupts your routine and can leave you with very little to do. While social distancing is imperative right now, it can risk you falling into a sedentary lifestyle. If you’re racking your brain to try to find ways to stay active, we’ve got you covered. At Ventana, we’ve pulled together a list of ways for you to stay active from the comfort of your own home. Try a few for yourself!

Indoor Physical Activity Ideas for Older Adults

1. Stretching

Simply moving your muscles can help your body function properly and maintain flexibility, even as you age. Try to incorporate stretching into your daily routine, whether it be a full stretch prior to exercising or a few minutes in the morning when you first wake up.

2. Find Exercise Videos Online

There is a whole arsenal of fitness videos online just waiting for you to discover – from yoga to body weight exercises and more. Search for an exercise program that matches your interests and abilities that you can try in the comfort of your own home.

3. Take Advantage of Stairs

You don’t need to invest in a stair stepper to experience this impactful workout. If you have access to a set of stairs, you’re in luck. Walking or running the stairs is a great way to get your heart pumping. Or, if it happens to be a nice day outside, try walking or running up a hill or visit your local high school football stadium to walk up and down the bleacher steps.

4. Walk in Place While Watching T.V.

Next time you’re watching T.V., don’t just curl up on your couch. Simply walking in place while enjoying your favorite show offers an opportunity for your body to move. To get your heart pumping even more, do more dynamic workouts, like jumping jacks and crunches, on commercial breaks. [vtsc]

5. Use Simple Tools to Create a “Home Gym”

You don’t necessarily need fancy gym equipment in order to do a workout from home. Find alternatives to weights and other equipment with common household items. Soup cans, water bottles or laundry detergent jugs can act as weights, while an old towel may be used as a resistance band.

6. Chair Yoga

All you need is a chair for this activity! Chair yoga offers a variety of poses all while sitting in or standing next to a chair. This form of yoga offers a multitude of health benefits similar to traditional yoga, including reduced stress, improved circulation and loosened muscles.

7. Play a Video Game

While video games can sometimes get a bad rap, there are some systems that require you to get up and get moving. Active video games like the Nintendo Wii require players to use the remote while mimicking actions to play virtual tennis, boxing, golf and more.

8. Clean Your Home

Peace of mind and additional comfort are the only things you get from cleaning your home. Cleaning gets you on your feet and moving around, getting your blood pumping and helping you burn calories. You also use a surprising amount of muscle groups while vacuuming, wiping down counters and straightening up, giving your whole body a much-needed workout while you clean.

9. Turn Up the Music

Create your own dance party in your living room! Create a playlist of your favorite songs and dance like nobody is watching. Dancing burns about 200 calories for every half hour, offering a fun way to get your exercise in.

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