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Luxury Senior Living in Dallas: A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life of a Ventana Member

Imagine … It’s Saturday morning at Ventana, and you wake up to luxury living on a beautiful Dallas day. Getting out of your comfortable bed, you go to your spacious, walk-in closet and slip on your bathrobe. Then you walk to your gorgeous, modern kitchen with stone countertops and stylish finishes. Sunlight streaks in through the floor-to-ceiling window walls of your living room, illuminating a stunning view of the picturesque surrounding area. You pour yourself a cup of coffee, the aroma filling your senior apartment, and you go to sit on the sofa and relax for a few minutes with a good book or morning TV show. It’s not a bad way to start your weekend. At Ventana, a luxury senior living community in the heart of Dallas, this is the lifestyle to which you’ve grown accustomed. It’s surprising to you now, looking back, because when you first started considering retirement communities, you never believed you’d find a place like this. The high-end lifestyle, the hotel-like amenities, the concierge-level services—you didn’t think senior living could be so luxurious and pleasant. When you moved into Ventana as it opened in the summer of 2019, you were thrilled to discover that it defied your expectations of what a Life Care community could be.

As the Sun Rises

After enjoying a delicious breakfast in your lovely apartment—which, by the way, has individually-controlled heating and air conditioning systems, a contemporary glass-framed balcony, and a spa-inspired bathroom—you leave your apartment to enjoy all that Ventana has to offer. One of the reasons you’re ready to leave so freely this morning is because Ventana provided your weekly housekeeping service yesterday, and you don’t have to worry about tidying up. Along with Ventana’s valet parking, concierge, maintenance, and local transportation, the weekly housekeeping is a major benefit that you now take for granted. (Not to mention dry cleaning, meal delivery, personal care, and guest meal services.)

Day to Day

For starters, you head to the fully-equipped wellness and fitness center to get in some light exercise, followed by a swim in Ventana’s heated indoor pool. After that, you relax at the salon and spa. Maintaining an active lifestyle is important to you—and with good reason. Working with the wellness experts at Ventana, you’ve learned that regular physical activity, mental stimulation, and social interaction can have extremely positive effects on seniors’ mental health, cognition, and happiness. Staying active can decrease the risk of falls and injuries, and it can increase not only the length of a person’s life, but quality of life as well. Ventana’s member programs help you be active in the ways you want, giving you freedom to express your individuality. Eating well—from the standpoint of nutrition as well as enjoyment—is also a high priority for you. For lunch, you can choose from various dining venues, with both formal and laid-back options. In the restaurant, you see many of the wonderful friends you’ve made, and you sit with some of them to talk about current events, arts and entertainment, and other topics that make you value the level of connection among the community members at Ventana. Oh yes—you also thoroughly enjoy the menu, which is carefully curated by well-known Dallas restaurateur Stephan Pyles.

As the Sun Goes Down

After a day of fun, relaxation, and socializing, you have a plethora of afternoon and evening activities to choose from. You could meet your family members, who live nearby, or they could visit you for dinner. You could watch an Oscar-winning film in the on-site movie theater, work on a passion project in the creative arts studio, or enjoy a glass of wine on the roof garden terrace or the 12th floor Member Sky Lounge. On this evening, you play a delightful game of cards with your friends, then you experience a riveting performance of live music in Ventana’s Grand Hall. Then you head home, where you once again take in a beautiful view of the Dallas area—this time, with lights and stars as far as you can see. Tomorrow is Sunday. You have a feeling it’ll be a good one. [hrgsc]

Think this sounds nice?

When Ventana opens this year, the luxury senior living described in this post won’t be imaginary—it will be real, and it can be yours. The biggest decision you’ll have to make each day will be which amenities to take advantage of, like:

  • Modern wellness center
  • Fully equipped fitness center
  • On-site rehab center
  • Creative arts studio
  • Meeting and game rooms
  • Library and business center
  • Movie theater
  • Roof garden terrace
  • Multiple patio areas
  • Outdoor kitchen with gas grills
  • Pet park
  • Underground parking
  • Heated indoor pool
  • Salon and spa

At Ventana, we couldn’t be more excited about the future, and neither could our soon-to-be members. “We can’t wait,” says Charles Mitchell, who will be moving into Ventana with his wife, Vernil. “It is going to be just great,” Vernil adds. “We have the best view in Dallas—anywhere.” To see why the Mitchells and our other future members are excited about Ventana by Buckner, visit our video testimonials page to hear from more of them. Or, if you want more information, contact us to speak with a counselor today.