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How to Make the Hassle-Free Move to Senior Living

Moving out of an old home and into a new one can be stressful, especially for seniors who have spent many years in the same place. For those who are considering moving to a Life Care community, thoughts of uprooting their lives and dealing with the hassles of relocation can cause uncertainty and doubt. When a community like Dallas’s Ventana by Buckner partners with moving experts such as Moving Station, however, the move becomes simpler, easier, and more reassuring.

Read on to find out what makes moving so stressful, and how Ventana alleviates that stress so new members can join the senior living community, hassle-free.

Moving doesn’t need to be daunting

Imagine: You’ve decided to move to a senior living community, and you have to leave the home you’ve lived in for 35 years. Immediately upon making this decision, thoughts begin to race through your mind: How much will the move cost? What will it be like moving to a new community with new neighbors? Will you feel comfortable in your new home? How long will it take to get settled? These types of worries are perfectly understandable—and common—but there are also things you can do to make this process much more pleasant than expected. In a previous post, we discussed some tips for moving and downsizing, such as getting help from friends and family, reading up to maintain a positive mindset, and setting a schedule for going through your belongings. When moving out of the home you’ve lived in for decades, you’ll naturally have a long to-do list, and educating yourself on how to go about moving can save you large amounts of time and energy.

The Ventana difference

The team at Ventana understands how stressful moving can be. That’s why, from the day the first members began their moving process, Ventana has gone above and beyond, making the extra effort to provide a move-in experience that is as convenient as possible for members. Ventana wants to do everything it can to ensure that members feel welcome, right from the start. To accomplish this, Ventana is partnering with a number of companies that excel at providing top-class services for seniors. One of those partners—Moving Station—takes the stress out of moving. As the leader in senior relocation, Moving Station will offer its Moving Made Easy® program to Ventana members. This program will assist members so they can make a smooth, hassle-free transition into their new Ventana homes. Moving Station’s partnership with Ventana will include the following services:

  • Home Sale Assistance, which enables members to leverage Moving Station’s real estate expertise, resources, and support to get the most value possible when selling their homes.
  • Van Line Assistance, which helps members coordinate their moves through a respected van line with service upgrades available.
  • Professional Organizer Assistance, so members have extra help when downsizing and packing up their old homes, and when settling into their new homes at Ventana.
  • Temporary Housing Assistance, which aids members in finding temporary accommodations, should they be necessary, during the move-in process.

With Moving Station, members will enjoy hands-on support for the entirety of the moving process—from home sale, to organizing, to moving. In almost 25 years of business, Moving Station has helped 500 communities and more than 40,000 seniors experience hassle-free moving. And now, they will assist the first generation of Ventana by Buckner members to enter their new community.

Imagining your new home

Let’s try imagining again: You’re just about to complete your first week as a new Ventana member. What a week it’s been—you moved in with Moving Station’s help, and the process couldn’t have gone any smoother. All week, you’ve gotten to know the wonderful community members who are now your neighbors, and you’re sure that a number of these new connections will become close friends in no time. What’s more, you’ve already started taking full advantage of the many services and amenities Ventana has to offer. You’ve enjoyed Ventana’s trio of fine dining venues on-site, as well as the café/bistro and the 12th floor Member Sky Lounge. You’ve taken a pair of classes at the fully-equipped fitness center, you’ve booked a haircut and a massage at the community’s salon and spa, you’ve watched a movie at the Ventana theater, you’ve enjoyed wine and conversation on the roof garden terrace, and you’ve taken a couple dips in the heated indoor pool. As you reflect on your first week at Ventana, and on the transition from your previous home, you think about how this process couldn’t have gone any more smoothly—and a smile comes to your face as you think about the week ahead.

Want to know more?

To start exploring Ventana by Buckner, schedule an information session with our team by filling out the form on our website, or by calling us at 214-234-1035. And remember: As daunting as moving can be, help is available to you at Ventana, where your new home awaits. Discover what choosing independent living means at our Dallas retirement community.