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5 Misconceptions About CCRCs

Making a retirement move is a major life decision, worthy of thorough consideration. Change is never easy, especially when it includes significant life adjustments; however, that doesn’t mean that choosing to move to a senior living community should be scary, or isn’t worthwhile. In fact, moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) such as Ventana can be one of the very best retirement decisions you make. When considering moving to a CCRC, there are several common misconceptions worth addressing—so you understand the actual facts about CCRCs, and can make a well-informed choice for your future.  Below are five of the most common misconceptions about CCRCs.

Misconception 1: CCRCs are Too Expensive

Moving to a CCRC is an investment, but the associated costs come with many financial benefits which, over the long run, can pay for themselves and even save you money. Some of the financial benefits of life at a CCRC include:

  • Large tax deductions
  • No extra costs for home maintenance or repairs
  • No hidden healthcare costs, no matter what happens down the road

Thanks to the long-term contracts at CCRCs, such as the life care contracts at Ventana, you get the value of predictable, consistent expenses. This makes budgeting simple, and it protects you from the type of unexpected, devastating costs of unforeseen home maintenance and health issues that can arise if you choose to stay in your current home. Without the assurance of a long-term or life care contract, you’d have to pay these types of expenses out of pocket. By investing in a CCRC, you get to enjoy peace of mind, stability and security as you age. That is priceless. Additionally, the costs of CCRCs include many first-class amenities and services. These include transportation, maintenance, security, wellness and personal care.

Misconception 2: CCRCs are Nursing Homes

This misconception calls to mind the axiom that “all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares.” In the case of senior living communities, all CCRCs possess the core elements of nursing homes, and deliver the full continuum of care that nursing homes can offer—but not all nursing homes possess the full range of options available at CCRCs. (Not even close.) It may be true that you’re too young to move to a nursing home. Conversely, it’s almost never too early to move to a CCRC, because CCRCs like Ventana are flourishing communities which empower seniors to be active, healthy and socially engaged.  At a CCRC, you get all the skilled nursing benefits of nursing homes if and when you need them, but moving to a CCRC long before you ever require the community’s care services gives you the opportunity to take advantage of all that the community has to offer: abundant opportunities for lifelong learning, engaging activities, new friendships, exercise and wellness programs and more. [hrgsc]

Misconception 3: People at CCRCs Sit Around Doing Nothing

This one couldn’t be further from the truth. While it’s understandable that many seniors wonder, “What’s next?” and “What’s left for me to do?” when they think about moving to a retirement community—or just the idea of retiring in general—the reality of life at a CCRC quickly erases doubts about finding fulfillment in retirement. Living at a CCRC like Ventana offers an abundance of possibilities to fill your days with activity—to learn new things, meet new people and explore new pastimes in ways you’ve never had the chance or time to pursue.  Maybe it’s taking up painting, becoming an avid swimmer, gardening, learning a new language, or playing chess. Maybe it’s joining a book club, taking fitness classes, or going on cultural excursions in the surrounding area. Whatever you like to do, CCRCs give you the ability to live the way you want.  Far from sitting around doing nothing, many seniors at CCRCs lead such full lives, they never stop moving!

Misconception 4: I’ll Be More Comfortable Aging at Home

Many seniors fall into the trap of believing that, just because they’ll stay in their longtime homes, they’ll be better off.  In reality, those who spend their later years at home often face unanticipated troubles, such as bodily injuries, unforeseen home maintenance problems or break-ins and debilitating illnesses. When these issues arise, seniors living at home become reliant on their families—who may not have the time or resources in their own busy lives to provide adequate care and support. Continuing Care Retirement Communities prevent these types of hassles because CCRCs are designed with safety and available care in mind. Communities like Ventana give seniors peace of mind with emergency services, on-site maintenance and wellness staff, advanced medical treatments and the full continuum of care referenced above. Compared to aging in place at home, CCRCs provide more freedom, more convenience, better care and less worry—not to mention that CCRCs give your family and loved ones the reassurance that you’ll be well provided for throughout your retirement years.

Misconception 5: My Current Home Will Be Best for Staying Social and Connected to Friends

Building off the previous point, many seniors also think that aging in place will allow them to retain their social lives better than they could at a senior living community. In fact, the opposite is true, as staying at home actually leads to more isolation and loneliness among seniors. At CCRCs, seniors have countless opportunities to develop new relationships and be surrounded each day by like-minded individuals. At Ventana and other CCRCs like it, Members enjoy a deep sense of community and social engagement. Without making the move to a CCRC, it would be difficult to encounter anything comparable at home.

What Life at a CCRC is Really About

Ventana provides seniors in Texas with a tremendous quality of life. If you or your loved one is interested in learning more about the Ventana lifestyle, contact us today at 214-234-1035.