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4 Benefits of Rehabilitation Services at Ventana

For people considering retirement living options, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) like Ventana are one of the premiere options available. Ventana is a Life Care CCRC, meaning that Members enjoy even higher levels of amenities, services, and care than seniors living at general CCRCs. One aspect that sets Ventana apart is the rehabilitation services offered for  Members. As Members age and health conditions arise, they are able to take advantage of the convenience of Ventana’s additional care — such as rehabilitation. These services include physical, speech, and occupational therapies, and they are essential for those who must devote time and effort to their recovery from injury or hospitalization.  Thanks to Ventana’s rehabilitation services, Members are able to improve their chances of regaining maximum functional potential after facing challenging conditions.  Here are four reasons why rehabilitation at Ventana make such a difference for Members.

Recovery at or Close to Home

With Ventana’s rehab services, Members have the chance to recover comfortably in a familiar setting.  This, as opposed to recovering in a hospital environment, provides tremendous emotional and psychological benefits. Instead of dealing with the stresses and clamor of hospitals, Ventana Members can focus on healing in a relaxed, quiet, and supportive space.  Members also benefit from additional amenities, which help make the recovery process as smooth as possible. Some of these amenities include:

  • Beautiful private rooms with luxurious bathrooms
  • Nutritious, freshly prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • State-of-the-art therapeutic and recovery equipment
  • Specialized activities and programs

Combined, these factors create a home recovery environment that allows Members to be themselves. Rather than feeling out-of-place and far from everyday comforts, they get to recover and rehabilitate with the peace of mind that they are in a welcoming, familiar place.

Personalized Treatment

The next factor that differentiates Ventana’s rehabilitation services is the level of personalized treatment that Members receive, should they ever need it. With access to skilled healthcare professionals, Members can experience individualized treatment — customized according to their injury, illness, or recovery plan.  Additionally, Members are able to establish care routines with professionals and staff. These personalized care routines address their needs through therapies designed specifically for the individual. This level of treatment and therapy can be difficult for seniors to find in a hospital setting — and the benefits of having access to such treatment are clear.  Thanks to access to personalized treatment, Ventana Members can face recovery from illness or injury with the confidence that they are on the right path, and that experts are guiding them forward based on their unique, personal needs and preferences.

Emotional Support

Injuries and illnesses can feel isolating, and they may bring on a mix of emotions. Ventana’s rehabilitation services work to counteract these feelings by ensuring that Members feel surrounded by those that care about them — and by experts who can help. At Ventana, Members are able to have family and friends by their side, throughout their recovery. Also, Members have healthcare professionals and staff on hand, guiding their care and ensuring that their needs are met. This highly trained staff can help Members navigate the physical and emotional effects of rehabilitation. Overall, having access to different types of care and social support allows Members to heal and recover more effectively because they feel supported and loved during the recovery process. This can make a huge difference for their overall wellbeing.

Access to an Array of Services

At Ventana, Members have access to services such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy.* These services can help make recovery faster, more effective, and more impactful for long-term health. Moreover, Ventana Members also have access to skilled nursing care at the Health Center. Along with the help of trained caregivers, Ventana’s skilled nurses provide short- and long-term care on a 24-hour basis.  This gives Members the care and support they need round-the-clock, which matters because the recovery process can be unpredictable; unexpected circumstances can arise at any time, and having the right people on hand can make all the difference. Ventana’s Health Center is also an appropriate setting for individuals who are recovering from surgery or illness, and who require concentrated rehabilitation or long-term care. Having access to this care provides Members with the medical expertise — and the comfort — they deserve. *Note: Services are offered on a fee-for-service basis, but are often covered by a Member’s personal medical insurance plan when prescribed by a physician.

Difference-Making Care and Support

When considering Ventana as compared to other CCRCs or senior living communities in Texas, Ventana’s excellent rehab services are an important differentiating factor.  If injury or illness befall you, you have options at Ventana. You also have a team of dedicated and caring professionals on staff, watching your back and guiding you back to health. To learn more about Ventana by Buckner, contact Ventana at 214-234-1035.