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What Is Chair Yoga?

Older adult practicing chair yoga

Yoga is one of the most popular types of exercise, but many people don’t know that there are several different kinds of yoga. For seniors, chair yoga has become available as a practice that can offer some of the same benefits as traditional yoga but in a way that accommodates people who might be beginners or need support and help with balancing. As part of the VentanaFit program, members can participate in chair yoga and other activities designed to help them keep an active lifestyle. Call 214.225.6197 to speak with someone from Ventana’s caring and compassionate team about our VentanaFit program and other senior living services in Texas.

What Is Chair Yoga?

Yoga is a practice that dates back to ancient times and originates from the Indian subcontinent. As with most things that have been around for thousands of years, some information about how yoga started is murky, but it is still being practiced today. Chair yoga is a modified practice based on hatha yoga, the most common form of yoga found in America. While traditional yoga includes actions involving balance or laying on the ground, individuals can do chair yoga while seated or supported by a chair. Like traditional yoga, chair yoga involves poses, breathing exercises, and stretches to promote strength, flexibility, and mental wellness.

Maintaining an Active Lifestyle Through the Benefits of Chair Yoga

Although traditional yoga offers more physical and mental health benefits, practicing chair yoga is better than not maintaining an active lifestyle. Some of the benefits of chair yoga are:

  • Better circulation – Yoga practice can improve circulation over time. It does this through a couple of methods. Relaxation can improve blood circulation, and the movement promotes circulatory health.
  • Staying mentally sharp – It might surprise you that yoga can improve your brain function by emphasizing meditation and breathing. Some research even suggests that yoga can counteract some of the effects that aging has on the brain.
  • Lower blood pressure – Many Americans struggle with high blood pressure—but did you know that yoga can help reduce it? Increased flexibility can reduce blood pressure, and so can practicing mental calmness.
  • Less pain – People often experience more aches and pains as they age. Yoga practice can help reduce pain by reducing inflammation. This works because yoga has been shown to decrease cytokine levels, cells in our bodies that promote inflammation.
  • Keeping active and staying strong – Simply engaging in a gentle exercise like chair yoga can help you maintain your body’s ability to move and support itself. This is an excellent way for seniors to stay healthy and able to do all the things they love to do.
  • Sleep better – In today’s stressful world, most people could use a better night’s sleep. Chair yoga can help reduce stress and promote healthy and restful sleep. This is especially important for staying in shape.

If chair yoga is a modified form of traditional yoga, is it still a rigorous and beneficial practice? Yes. The benefits of chair yoga are many and are especially great for anyone interested in improving their balance, stability, and flexibility.

Find Senior Living Services That Support an Active Lifestyle in Texas at Ventana

At Ventana, our members can choose to participate in the VentanaFit program. Each member gets a personalized evaluation and plan designed to help them stay fit and active so that they can join in all the activities and events that life at a luxury senior living community offers. If you or a loved one has been considering moving to a senior living community, contact Ventana today at 214.225.6197. Let our caring and compassionate team surprise you with how exciting life can be in our beautiful community of vibrant and active seniors.