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What to Expect in Long-Term Care

Couple in long-term care for seniors

Most people, at some point in htheir lives, require long-term care after recovering from a surgery, injury, or a major illness. As people grow older, their physical health and cognitive functions slowly decline, making it difficult to perform daily tasks. Long-term care for seniors ensures that the older generation can live a safe and dignified existence with the support of professional caregivers. If you are considering senior long-term care for yourself or a loved one, reach out to Ventana for quality member-focused long-term care services in Dallas, Texas.

Senior long-term care includes a variety of healthcare and support services, designed to maximize the quality of life for the elderly or those with a disability or a chronic illness. If you’re unfamiliar with retirement communities or assisted living facilities, you might be wondering what is long-term care and if it might be the right fit for an aging family member.

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What to Expect in Long-Term Care for Seniors

Senior long-term care can be provided at one’s home, in a hospital, in an assisted living facility, or at a retirement center depending on one’s budget, the level of care required, and access to healthcare resources. Typical long-term care expectations include the following:

Personal Care

Personal care services refer to those services that do not require a doctor or a nurse. For instance, a senior citizen may require assistance with getting dressed, going to the bathroom, eating meals, personal hygiene, walking, and other aspects of daily living.

These may be performed informally by a family member or by home health aides, nursing assistants, and other professional caregivers.

Medical Care

As one grows old, health issues worsen, often necessitating full-time medical support. A nurse or medical staff can monitor a person’s medication, ensure that special diets are followed, and administer IV or dialysis and other treatment, as and when required. A senior citizen suffering from a chronic illness can greatly benefit from long-term care with a focus on medical support.

Moreover, staying at a nursing home or a long-term skilled nursing facility can ensure the safety one’s safety, particularly in medical emergencies.

Support Services

An older person living alone or away from family members may also require other forms of support with tasks like cooking, housework, pet care, finance management, or shopping.

In some cases, they may be suggested to move to an assisted living facility or a retirement center, where they can receive personalized care and medical attention, as well as take part in recreational activities as part of a supportive community.

Rehabilitation Services

Older members who have dementia or are recovering from an injury/illness may also require physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

With these special classes, they can improve their muscle strength, speak and communicate their needs clearly and enjoy optimal health. Rehabilitation services are usually personalized as per the member’s needs and medical history.

Find Quality Long-term Care for Seniors at Ventana

At Ventana, we offer long-term care for seniors along with skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities.

At our retirement community in Dallas, Texas, our members enjoy state-of-the-art medical care, emotional support, and around-the-clock assistance with daily activities. Living at our residential facility, members have access to comfortable and spacious rooms, nutritious meals, 24-hour medical support, and various rehabilitation therapies to improve their quality of life.

No matter the circumstance, Ventana is committed to helping the elderly live a comfortable and dignified life, by meeting all their personal and medical needs. Call us at 214.225.6197 to connect with the Ventana team today.