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How to Interact with a Loved One with Dementia

person interacting with someone with dementia

If you know someone living with dementia, then you know how difficult and sometimes scary it can be for everyone. The person living with dementia might struggle to remember to take care of their needs, and they may have trouble remembering their loved ones. It can be hard to know how to interact with someone with dementia. Interacting with someone with dementia can be complicated, and caring for loved ones with memory issues can be challenging. Sometimes, the best option to make sure that they are safe and cared for is to have a team of trained professionals help.

At Ventana, we offer memory care services for seniors. You can rest easy knowing that your loved one is in good care. To learn more about our program, contact us at 214.225.6197.

What Is Dementia?

A person with dementia suffers from various cognitive losses. They will have memory loss, trouble speaking, and difficulty interacting with others. Because they often get confused, they may struggle to do important tasks, like eating and bathing.

Dementia looks different for everyone and depending on the severity of it, they may need more care than someone else.

Interacting with Someone with Dementia

It is completely normal to feel like you no longer know how to talk to a loved one with dementia. They might have trouble holding a conversation, and their personality may have even changed. They are still important to you, though, so what can you do to make conversations easier? You might try:

  • Sticking to simple conversations – Avoid talking about anything too deep
  • Avoiding distractions – Try to have conversations in a quiet, familiar place with little distractions
  • Learn nonverbal cues – Look for motions or facial expressions that your loved one might use to let you know what they need
  • Repetition – You might have to repeat yourself a few times for you to be understood
  • Being patient – Talk slowly and clearly, and give the other person time to process and speak themself

Talking to someone with dementia can feel overwhelming, and maybe even frustrating. It is important to remember that your loved one is also very frazzled. Patience and compassion are key to interacting with someone with dementia.

Conversations with Someone with Dementia

Keeping conversations short and simple is the best way to talk to someone with dementia, but what does that mean? Simple conversations are not limited to the weather and how someone is feeling.

If you are looking for something to talk about with your loved one, try talking about:

  • Your or a family member’s school performance
  • A favorite memory
  • A funny story about your pet
  • Activities that excite you

Talking about family members and friends can help someone with dementia continue to feel included and informed, even if you have already told them a specific story before. Make sure you show interest in their activities as well, like if there is a group that they enjoy or a TV show that they like watching.

Memory Care Services at Ventana: Support for Interacting with Someone with Dementia

If you have a loved one who has dementia, then you want to make sure that someone is able to make sure that they are cared for, especially if you are unable to be with them around the clock. At Ventana, we know how important it is that they are safe and healthy.

Our Memory Care services provide a safe and comforting atmosphere for our members. We make sure that all of our members are meeting their basic needs and also make sure that they have fun with our many activities and social events. If you are looking for the best Memory Care services in Dallas, then contact us at 214.225.6197.