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Understanding Your Senior Living Options

Couple enjoying senior living options

Like many people, you may have heard the term senior living. Still, you may not be exactly sure what it means. Does it refer to a single kind of living arrangement for seniors? In fact, it doesn’t. A wide range of options is available when it comes to senior living. Each option is suited to seniors in specific situations with specific needs.

At Ventana by Buckner, our mission is to help expand your understanding of senior living options in Dallas and surrounding communities to make choosing senior care easier. We know that it is not a decision to be taken lightly, so our experts are ready to answer your questions at 214.225.6197.

Independent Senior Living in Dallas

Independent living communities are for seniors who want to stay active. They provide great freedom while also making it easier to live your daily life. A variety of services and amenities may be available in independent living, including:

  • An apartment or similar private dwelling
  • Housekeeping services
  • Meal preparation services
  • Physical fitness programs
  • Educational programs

However, independent living does not include medical care or nursing support.

Senior Living Options: Assisted Living

Assisted living is similar in some ways to independent living. The most notable difference is that it includes nursing support and medical care. This means that seniors with certain medical conditions may be well-suited for this living option. However, your condition must not be severe enough to seriously impair basic acts of daily living.

Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care for Senior Living in Dallas

Long-term skilled nursing care provides a higher level of medical support for seniors. As a rule, it’s meant for people affected by serious, chronic health problems. Examples of these kinds of problems include dementia and Parkinson’s disease. They also include debilitating strokes and heart attacks.

Long-term care for seniors supports your well-being with a variety of services. Common examples of those services include:

  • Monitoring your vital signs
  • Medication management
  • Speech therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • IV therapy

Catheter care is also typically supported.

Senior Living Options: Memory Care

Memory care is intended for seniors affected by advancing Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. The memory disruptions caused by dementia often lead to significant problems with daily function. They may also lead to dangerous household conditions or overwhelm your capacity as a caregiver.

In well-designed memory care programs, you receive personalized, supervised care 24 hours a day. You receive this care while living in private, comfortable surroundings. In addition, all care is provided by skilled, experienced professionals and support personnel.

Choosing Senior Care: Life Care for Senior Living

Life care is the most comprehensive option for senior living. It takes place in continuing care retirement communities, or CCRCs. A life care program essentially combines features of other senior living arrangements. That includes independent living and assisted living. It also includes long-term care and memory care.

How are these options used in a CCRC? As your needs change over time, you receive various required services. However, instead of moving from location to location, you get the help you need in a single program. Some CCRCs let you make arrangements for all of your services at the same time. You may also have the option to select them on an as-needed basis.

Turn to Ventana for Additional Help Understanding Senior Living

Need additional help understanding senior living? Talk to the experts at Ventana. Our compassion and deep experience help simplify the process of choosing senior care. We’ll gladly walk you through all available options.

Ventana also offers a full range of senior living options. No matter the situation facing you or your loved one, you’ll find convenient arrangements that meet your needs. Call us today at 214.225.6197 or fill out our brief online information form for more details on our many services. We’re standing by to assist you.