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How to Tour Senior Apartments with Your Parents

granddaughter helping her grandparents with touring senior apartments

When conducting research with your parents to look for just the right senior living community, there are numerous factors to consider, from location to price and everything in between. How can you ensure that you are making the right decision? If you are interested in senior high-rise apartments in Dallas or simply looking for senior living information to begin your process, consider Ventana by Buckner.

Ventana by Buckner’s elegant senior apartments in the vibrant city of Dallas, TX, are part of a continuing care retirement community that offers a full complement of services, wellness programs, and amenities. You could not find more comfortable, luxurious apartments for your parents or yourself than Ventana by Buckner senior living community for your parents or yourself. Learn more about what to look for when touring senior apartments from our team by calling 214.225.6197 or filling out our online contact form.

What to Look for When Touring Senior Apartments 

When making a shortlist of retirement options and locations you want to consider, rule out any place that does not fit your more basic, practical needs, such as location, cost, medical options, and safety and security protocols. For the places that remain on your list, set up appointments for a visit and when you take your tour, be ready to look for factors that can make all the difference in a future home.

These factors include:

  • Dining – Though you can cook and eat in your well-appointed apartment, you can also enjoy social time and avoid the hassle of cooking by dining in a community setting. Be sure that the environment is appealing and the menu offerings are diverse and healthy.
  • Amenities – The extras are what make an ordinary day special. Think about what you are looking for. Make a list ahead of time and ask about the availability of your top choices.
  • Professional and support staff  – People can make or break any experience. You will want to be assured that the staff is kind, compassionate, professional, and experienced. 
  • Opportunities and activities – Many people who enter a senior residence want to take advantage of the fact that they no longer have to run a household and keep up with maintenance chores and all the tasks of life. It’s time to take a class, visit museums, learn a new skill, get more exercise, or do anything else that might interest you.
  • Quality of life – All of the above is part of your overall quality of life, but there is always something ineffable that cannot be quantified or supported by data. When you tour, see what your gut tells you. 

Our Core Principles

Ventana by Buckner is based on five core principles that guide every aspect of our residents’ experience.

These principles are:

  • Connection – Human connection keeps you from isolation and loneliness and offers you a rich community in which to be as involved as you wish.
  • Independence – Independence is vital to the well-being of older adults who want to live a life of merit and meaning.
  • Purpose – Purpose drives people, whether it is a conviction or cause you support or the ability to offer value to your own community.
  • Security – Security is what all humans seek and deserve, and that sense of security is vital to living healthy, anxiety-free lives.
  • Service – Service is the greater good for which we strive, and not only does our staff adhere to this principle in caring for you, but we support your need to be of service as well and help you find opportunities to do so.

Tour Senior High-Rise Apartments in Dallas at Ventana by Buckner

When you tour Ventana by Buckner, we will be delighted to show you our programs, amenities, and beautiful high-rise apartments and reveal to you how our core principles underpin all that we do. Reach out using our online form or at 214.225.6197 to learn more. Ventana by Buckner’s senior high-rise apartments are beautiful and offer the comfort and quality of life you seek. Ventana offers the lifestyle you deserve at this stage of your life, so contact our team for more information today.