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Tips for Recovery After Surgery

Older adult working on recovery after surgery

No one wants to have surgery, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Especially for seniors, the recovery process can be even more challenging than the surgery itself. The good news is that with extra work and some help from senior rehabilitation services, you or your loved one can often return to doing the activities you love. It can be helpful to learn more about recovery after surgery and some of the assistance that can smooth out that process to give you a better idea of what to expect. Call 214.225.6197 to speak with someone from Ventana’s caring and compassionate team about our services that provide physical therapy for seniors.

What to Know About Recovery After Surgery

When a person undergoes a surgical procedure, the body treats it as if there has been an injury. One of the things that doctors try to focus on is doing the surgery in a way that the body will have an easier time repairing, although this is not always possible. For older adults, the body’s ability to heal may slow down, making the rehabilitation and recovery process even more critical than it might otherwise be. Building up strength and flexibility and getting back to being able to do tasks of daily living are the main goals of rehabilitation after surgery.

Tips for Recovery After Surgery for Seniors

Even though there might not be much you can do to avoid having the surgery in the first place, there are some excellent tips that can help you or your loved one recover more quickly and thoroughly. Some of these tips are the following:

  • “Prehabbing” – One of the best ways to ensure a good recovery after surgery is to prepare beforehand. Make sure that you or your loved one are eating healthy, well-balanced meals and getting exercise. Learn about what your surgery recovery path may look like in the near future.
  • Keep notes – It may seem strange, but tracking how things go each day after surgery can help when you feel recovery isn’t going as well as you hope. Everyone has good and bad days, but sometimes having a record of how you are progressing daily can help put things into perspective when you or your loved one are feeling down.
  • Use your resources – No one wants to depend on others for help, but during recovery from surgery, it can help keep you safe and ensure you don’t accidentally reinjure yourself. Often, seniors recovering from surgery can access senior rehabilitation services to ensure they get the correct therapy and follow a nutritional diet. It’s also critical for their recovery to be monitored well by their care team. Let the professionals help you to get back to doing what you love quickly.

On top of these tips, a significant way to ensure quick recovery after surgery for seniors is to let old habits stay in the past. If you have had to quit a bad habit, like smoking or eating unhealthy food, to have surgery, let those habits remain in the past where they belong. People who eat a healthy diet and don’t smoke tend to do better after surgery and recover more quickly. Besides, think of how much better you’ll feel.

Find Physical Therapy for Seniors in Texas at Ventana

At our beautiful senior living community in Dallas, Texas, our members can access various services, amenities, and facilities. Whether you or your loved one are recovering from surgery, need memory care, or simply want to experience independent senior living in a vibrant community of like-minded peers, we are here. At all levels of care, our members are our greatest asset. Contact Ventana today at 214.225.6197 and let us surprise you with what senior living and rehabilitation services can do for you.