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Tips for Elderly Recovery After a Fall

Two people talking about elderly recovery after a fall

Falling can be a frightening experience for anyone, especially seniors. Unfortunately, older people are more likely to injure themselves in a fall and need rehabilitation services for seniors. Fall prevention is one of the most critical aspects of helping our senior loved ones live their best and safest lives. Falling can also create more than just physical injuries. Seniors who have been active and outgoing can have their confidence shaken. They need help not only to heal physically but to rebuild emotionally. Learning more about elderly recovery after a fall can empower you to make the best decisions about care for yourself or a loved one.

Tips for Encouraging Elderly Recovery After a Fall

Stick with Physiotherapy

It can be tiring and even painful, but sticking with your physiotherapy is the best way to recover from a fall injury and return more robust and better. It can also help you or your loved one regain the confidence to practice physical skills in a safe environment.

Find Ways to Stay Active

Even when not in therapy, finding ways to stay active and slowly reintroduce healthy movement to your daily life can ensure that falling doesn’t stop you from doing what you want. If you can safely take walks, then find a walking buddy and take a turn around the courtyard. Even gentle stretches and chair yoga can keep those muscles moving if walking is a bit much at first.

Keep Spirits Up

Recovering from an injury is no fun, so staying connected to loved ones and friends is vital. Feeling a little blue at times is normal, but seeing a friend or having a video call with the grandkids can give you that lift you need to keep those blues at bay.

Talk About What Happened

Falling is scary, and there’s no shame in saying so. Society teaches people that complaining is bad, but simply talking about how you feel with loved ones is healthy. It can also help you to process what happened emotionally so that it doesn’t impact your confidence going forward.

Make a Fall Prevention Plan for the Future

There are things that you can do to make your home safer for yourself or a loved one who has fallen. It can help to plan what you will do to prevent future falls.

How to Prevent Falling in the Future

Here are some quick things you can do to prevent falls from happening in the future:

  • Check your lighting to ensure that bulbs are working and that you have enough light.
  • Put things you use most often within easy reach to avoid losing your balance while reaching.
  • Keep pathways clear and well-lit, especially to the bathroom, so that nothing will obstruct your way if you’re in a hurry.
  • Put contrast strips on any steps. This can help you visually recognize where they are, which can help you and others avoid accidentally missing a step.

However, a mobile phone or any device that can call for help should be the primary part of any fall prevention plan. Get a mobile phone or a similar device if you don’t already have one, and keep it with you at all times. This will make it easier to summon help in case you do fall.

Find an Excellent Senior Living Community in Texas at Ventana

At Ventana, our members enjoy being part of a vibrant community of seniors, each living their best life. Whether members just want a little help or need full-time care, we provide that care with respect and love. If you or a loved one is considering senior living near Dallas, Texas, contact Ventana today at 214.225.6197 and let us show you what we can do—especially when it comes to fall prevention and physical rehabilitation services.