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The Value of Amenities at a Life Plan Community

If you or your loved ones are researching potential Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) and Life Plan Communities, one of the key factors to consider is the availability of amenities and services at each community on your list. Most CCRCs, and especially those that qualify as Life Care Communities, offer a number of high-value amenities to their residents. These amenities and services can include dining options, health and wellness services, entertainment, technology, and a whole host of other “add-ons” that differentiate a CCRC from other senior living options.

This post will help you better understand what to look for when evaluating the amenities and services at CCRCs, and it will give you a sense of the level of lifestyle members will enjoy at Ventana by Buckner’s Life Care Community in Dallas.

Amenities, Services, and Partner Relationships

At most CCRCs and Life Care Communities, premier amenities and services don’t exist in a vacuum—they are made possible by the communities’ relationships with vendors and partners, who help provide a better experience for the communities’ residents.

This is certainly true for Ventana by Buckner, where strong partnerships have enabled Ventana to provide first-class amenities for its members. In addition to the current list of amenity partners— Cooper Aerobics, Technogym, Moving Station, ScentAir, and 27 & Oak—Ventana is continuously partnering with new vendors to add extra amenities and services to ensure that the community’s members will enjoy an unparalleled quality of lifestyle as they age.

Exceeding Expectations

Among the reasons why CCRCs provide amenities and services for their residents, none is more important than this: Amenities and services create a better living experience for residents, and this is better for both the residents and the community.

From a resident’s standpoint, the amenities and services result in a better sense of community engagement, social activity, enjoyment, and overall wellness. From the CCRC’s standpoint, they result in greater resident satisfaction. In other words, it’s a win-win.

This is why CCRCs and Life Care Communities go to great lengths to exceed residents’ expectations. And it’s why, at Ventana by Buckner, members have already started expressing how much of a difference these amenities and services will make in their lives.

Current Partner & Amenity Highlights at Ventana

Cooper Aerobics is a health and wellness partner at Ventana, providing consulting services for all members. Cooper Aerobics is managing the on-site wellness center, leading ongoing wellness initiatives throughout the community, and helping Ventana members lead longer, happier, and more productive lives. “We’re making it a top priority to create an environment that promotes the overall health and wellness of members—both mentally and physically,” said Rick Pruett, Executive Director of Ventana.

Technogym, Ventana’s cutting-edge exercise equipment and fitness partner, is helping Ventana highlight the impact an active lifestyle can have for seniors. Technogym’s effective, easy-to-use equipment at Ventana is specifically designed to accommodate the modern senior. Ventana members will also be able to tailor personalized training programs which incorporate the use of monitoring devices and cloud-based technology, known as mywellness key® and Wellness System®, to track program effectiveness and record their health statuses.

Moving Station is partnering with Ventana by Buckner to provide its Moving Made Easy® program, which assists members to make a smooth transition into their new home at Ventana. Moving Station’s services include Home Sale Assistance to get maximum value for your home with the help of a real estate agent; Van Line Assistance to coordinate your move through a respected van line with service upgrades; Professional Organizer Assistance to arrange extra help for downsizing or settling in; and Temporary Housing Assistance to help you find temporary accommodations if needed.

ScentAir provides the largest and most experienced commercial scent, as measured by customers, to members of Ventana. What this means is that ScentAir has created a signature scent for Ventana, a pleasing aroma which sets Ventana apart from other Dallas/Ft. Worth senior living communities.

27 & Oak, which invests in artisans in Latin America and Africa,has created a unique coffee brand exclusively for Ventana by Buckner. The coffee has delicious, fragrant blends from Guatemala, Colombia, and other countries, and it’s roasted near Ventana in Plano, TX. Buckner International, which owns the coffee brand, is giving back to the countries where the coffee is made by donating proceeds to aid the citizens of those countries.

Why “The Ventana Difference” Matters

When planning for the future, the presence of quality vendor partnerships and amenities at a CCRC should be a major part of your decision-making process. The CCRC or Life Care Community is the place where you or your loved ones will spend important years, and the place where those years are spent should be full of activity, vibrancy, wellness, and enjoyment.

Ventana by Buckner believes deeply in providing a full Life Care experience for its members. We are proud to offer our existing vendor and amenity benefits, and we are committed to adding even more special services in the months and years to come.

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