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Coming to Ventana: The Culinary Expertise of Chef Stephan Pyles

Every aspect of Ventana by Buckner elevates what our members expect from luxury senior living. The diverse range of culinary and dining expectations of our members are no exception– which is why we’re so excited to announce that celebrated restaurateur Stephan Pyles has agreed to devise and develop five food and beverage concepts exclusive to Ventana!

Chef Stephan Pyles

Dubbed the father of modern Texas and Southwest cuisine, chef Stephan Pyles has created 22 restaurants in five cities over the past 30 years, including Routh Street Café, Baby Routh, Star Canyon, Stephan Pyles and Stampede 66. Pyles’ newest restaurant, Flora Street Café, in the Dallas Arts District, has brought serious fine dining back to Dallas. At Ventana by Buckner, Pyles is set to develop five dining and drink concept establishments—each with unique breakfast, lunch, dinner and specialty drink menus. This selection will cater to the health needs of senior adults, while also providing the acclaimed dining experience Pyles’ legacy is built around. The agreement marks the first time Pyles will lend his brand and expertise to a senior living community. “My partnership with Ventana by Buckner is very exciting. I’ve never done anything like it, and it’s an opportunity to be a pioneer with Ventana,” said Chef Pyles. “I’ve done lots of consultancies, lots of license agreements, and I’ve worked with a lot of people from airlines, to museums, to hotels. This one is unique because I see my base. It’s my folks that I’ve seen. I’ve been in the restaurant business for four decades and so it’s the people that I know. It really feels like it’s an opportunity for me to bring my food to them instead of them coming to me.”

So, what does that mean for Members?

  • A rich variety of your favorite meals Ventana members will choose from a rich variety of on-site dining options, each offering differing menus.
  • House-made, nutritious menu options created under the expert eye of our executive chef Chef Pyles will help locate, hire and train an Executive Chef and General Manager and work with his team to open and oversee all five concept establishments.
  • The freedom to eat what and where you want every day Alternative menu options lower in sodium, fat and sugar are available to members on request.

“I want Ventana’s members to know that they’re in for a great experience when it comes to dining. It’s not going to just be food for sustenance. It’s going to be an experience. I want to deliver a restaurant quality experience at Ventana, so they’re going to have choices,” added Chef Pyles. Other high-end dining options at Ventana by Buckner include complimentary continental breakfast for all members, catering services for special events, family gatherings or private dinner parties, menus that change daily, and—possibly the most exceptional—an on-staff pastry chef preparing treats to tempt your sweet tooth! For the culinary-inclined senior living at Ventana by Buckner, that means you don’t have to worry about getting bored with what’s for dinner. Freshly prepared and delicious meals are always on the table, and family and friends are always welcome to dine with you!