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6 Facts Family Caregivers Should Know about Assisted Living

As a caregiver to your spouse, parent or loved one, you may have considered other options to help them live their best life. You may have looked into technology that can make their lives easier or you may have put a lot of time and effort into helping them continue to live in their house. But what if you didn’t have to do all that? For many seniors, an assisted living community offers the independence they desire alongside a helping hand if and when they need it. As you consider a life plan community like Ventana, here are 6 facts about assisted living you should know.

The Truth about Assisted Living

1. Assisted living communities are not the same as nursing homes.

While nursing homes certainly do a wonderful job of taking care of the healthcare needs of their residents, an assisted living community offers so much more than just healthcare services. An assisted living community goes beyond providing medical care to also include amenities and services that help to enrich the lives of residents, from personalized services and homey apartments to entertaining activities and outings.

2. Residents of assisted living set their own daily routine.

There is some structure in assisted living communities, such as hours for meals and a schedule of daily activities, but when it comes down to it, residents have a significant say in their daily routine. Residents give insight into how their care looks, giving the team members a script for how their next steps should look. While care is available when and if a resident needs it, they maintain a great deal of independence to live how they want.

3. Rooms can be personalized to each resident’s discerning taste.

Your home is where you are comfortable and feel your most self. While the senior living lifestyle does have a focus on community, there are so many ways for you to personalize your living space and truly make it your own. At Ventana, residents are welcome to fill their residence with their own unique style and personality, whether it be a favorite reading chair or photographs of friends and family. This is truly your loved one’s home to make their own.

4. Activities and events that improve quality of life are available.

Assisted living communities put wellness first, ensuring that residents have the resources to stay active in their retirement years in ways they enjoy. Beyond traditional wellness benefits including a fully equipped fitness center, fitness instruction and exercise classes, and health and wellness lectures, we also understand that wellness includes your mental, emotional and social well-being. Daily activities and events offer an exciting opportunity to have fun while improving wellness and quality of life.

5. Assisted living can be cost effective.

In measurable terms, making the move to assisted living can help your loved one stretch their retirement savings. Between giving up owning and maintaining a home along with the potential at-home care that could be necessary, becoming a resident of a community offers significant savings. Moving to a Life Care community can reduce your monthly living expenses immediately, as you leave behind maintenance, real estate taxes, homeowner’s insurance, utility bills and dozens of other expenses. Plus, assisted living communities offer 24/7 care available, so you don’t need to worry about finding a caregiver when you’re not able to be there. This move can potentially save you thousands each year, while providing peace of mind for you and your family.

6. The amenities and services at assisted living communities can vary.

Beyond the comfort of home, community services and amenities are available to help improve the wellbeing of residents. Many of the amenities and features offered in our assisted living community mirror what we offer at the independent living level, from a full-service beauty salon to a personalized wellness program and more. No matter what your loved one’s interests are, there’s sure to be something they enjoy within the community.

Find Exceptional Assisted Living Care at Ventana by Buckner

Ventana by Buckner goes beyond promoting Members’ general well-being through health and wellness amenities and services by caring for them through the full continuum of care. Ventana’s campus offers a full range of independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation services. By providing a full range of services and facilities, Ventana gives its Members the peace of mind that they will be exceptionally cared for, no matter what health challenges they face. For those with loved ones looking for an extra helping hand throughout their day, you can feel at peace knowing that Members of Ventana can benefit from Assisted Living at The Arbors. The Arbors offers personalized, supportive care administered by licensed nurses and experienced caregivers. This individualized assistance with daily activities is available on a 24-hour basis in one- or two-bedroom suites. Start the conversation with the team at Ventana to learn how your loved one can thrive in our community. Contact us today to schedule your personal appointment or click on this link to schedule your tour of our community.