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Member Profile: Pam Day

When it comes to choosing the right senior living community for you, there are a variety of different ways you can learn about your choices. You can explore the website. You can speak to a sales counselor. You can even go for a tour of the community to see it for yourself. While these options all add value to your decision-making process, sometimes one of the best things to do is hear from the people in the community. They are, after all, personally experiencing what it’s like to live in the community. We sat down and talked with Pam Day, a Member of Ventana by Buckner. She shared with us some of her favorite parts of the high-rise life.

A Look into Pam Day’s Life at Ventana

Pam Day graciously welcomed us into her home and shared just a few of the reasons she loves living in the community:

The Buckner Difference

Ventana is backed by our parent organization Buckner Retirement Services and is a not-for-profit senior living community. Each Buckner community is designed to enhance the lifestyle of its Members and live up to our mission of Inspiring Happiness. This is what attracted Pam and her husband to Ventana, saying, “When my husband was living, he and I chose [Ventana] together. The reason that we did is because of who owns this property – and that’s Buckner.”

Suits Her Lifestyle

Pam enjoys taking trips, and she knows that her home at Ventana is safe whenever she is gone for an extended period of time. “I love the lock and leave feature,” she said. “I mean you just tell them you’re going to be gone for a certain amount of time, and you just leave!”

Proximity to Dallas

Dallas is repeatedly included on lists of best locations to retire, including reports from US News and the Today Show. Pam enjoys Ventana’s views of the Dallas Skyline and shared, “I love sitting in my living room, reading, and then when I look up, I have this glorious view of downtown.”

Everything in One Place

Not only does she enjoy the beauty of her own apartment overlooking the Dallas skyline, but also the various amenities and services available within the community. Think of it as an extension of your apartment. In the same building you live in as a Member of Ventana, you’ll experience amenities and services from a movie theater, state-of-the-art fitness center, creative arts studio, salon and spa, pet park and more. According to Pam, “you really feel like you’re living in a five-star hotel.”

Wellness Opportunities

As a full-service Life Care community, Ventana embraces a comprehensive approach to healthcare that emphasizes wellness and encourages Members to take an active role in their own well-being. “My most favorite thing is the fitness center, which I enjoy daily,” Pam shared. Along with the fitness center, there are also onsite healthcare services, daily activities like health and wellness lectures, nutritious meals and more.

A Place to Call Home

For Pam, Ventana is more than maintenance-free senior living – it’s a place to be comfortable and feel at ease. She filled her apartment with her most cherished items, including a portrait of herself and her late husband, to make it feel like home. “I brought my home with me, and so that feels good,” Pam shared.

Come Meet the Members of Ventana by Buckner

Our Members are welcoming and excited to answer any questions you have and share their favorite parts of the community with you. Now, we welcome you to learn more about Ventana for yourself! You can click on this link to schedule your personal tour of our community. If you’d like to schedule an information session, apply for residence or simply ask our team some questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re always available to assist in researching and evaluating your options.