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How to Make Friends in Retirement to Last a Lifetime


How can senior citizens make friends? Where can seniors go to socialize? These are common questions you might have as you age. While many of your closest relationships have been nurtured over the years, you might find yourself looking for more companions in retirement. Healthy relationships are important throughout every stage of life, and for seniors, having social interaction is even more important. Studies have proven that social isolation is one of the leading causes of depression and has been linked to increased cognitive decline and memory-related illnesses. So, how can you start making friends in senior living? We’ve got the answers.

5 Ways to Make Friends and Stay Social in Retirement

Staying social in retirement has been shown to improve overall brain health. Socializing requires active participation, deep thought and listening. All these skills are beneficial to aging adults and can improve cognitive function and fight off mental health issues. Ready to start making friends in retirement? Below are 5 great ways to break the ice.

  1. Get Involved: Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) like Ventana by Buckner offer various amenities and services that help you stay engaged and social. From a pet park and creative arts studio to a game room and heated indoor pool, you can stay physically and mentally active while naturally forming relationships with seniors with shared interests.
  1. Eat Outside Your Apartment: While it can be tempting to eat your meals inside your apartment, eating in shared spaces can help you form new relationships. At Ventana by Buckner, you can enjoy dinner in the formal dining room, casual bistro, or coffee and juice bar. The 12th-floor member sky lounge is also the perfect hangout to meet new people and stay social in retirement.
  1. Meet New Residents: You probably remember how hard it was to be the new kid in school. The same is true for senior living communities. Do your best to make new Members feel welcomed and encourage them to get involved.
  1. Stay Active: Outside of the amenities offered at Ventana by Buckner, there are also plenty of opportunities to meet people while staying active. VentanaFIT helps you improve your physical health while also making friends in retirement.
  1. Invite Your Family: Sometimes you just need a little support when it comes to making new friends in senior living, and that’s okay. Invite your family over for lunch or dinner or spend time talking in the community garden terrace. You’ll feel more comfortable engaging with the world around you when you have your loved ones by your side.

When making friends in senior living, one of the best things you can do is be patient. Making lasting relationships won’t happen all at once, but with a full community of support behind you, over time, you’ll create lasting friendships that can greatly enhance your retirement years.

Find a Community of Support at Ventana by Buckner

Making friends in retirement doesn’t have to be hard. Ventana by Buckner is a luxury CCRC in Dallas that provides a five-star senior living experience through dynamic amenities, services and member programs. Contact our team today to learn more about our continuing care retirement community, or click here to schedule your personalized tour. [vtsc]