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How Ventana Helps Your Loved One Move

So, your loved one has made the decision to move to Ventana. Ventana by Buckner is a comfortable, luxurious Life Plan community where Members have the opportunity to live out their retirement exactly how they dreamed it and to enjoy their golden years to the fullest. This is a major decision to make and one that should be celebrated! But now comes the question – what next? Although the moving process can be overwhelming and you may not be sure where to start, we want you to know that you and your loved one are not alone. To help overcome the burden of the moving process, Ventana has partnered with Moving Station.

What Moving Station Provides During Your Loved One’s Move

Moving Station is a leader in senior relocation services that partners with senior living communities nationwide. The team helps seniors and their families with tasks like selling a home, downsizing, organizing and the physical move itself. The team at Moving Station prides themselves as truly caring for those they work with and are excited to be the advocate and support for seniors and their families going through a major transition in their life. The partnership with Moving Station is a gift that Ventana gives to your loved one to help your family through this process. [dsgsc]

How Moving Station Aids the Transition to Ventana

Members at Ventana are made aware of the partnership with Moving Station early on in their decision-making process. Since the “how?” of a move to a senior living community can be an objection for some prospective Members, we want to make sure that concern is met with a solution to make the process as seamless and easy as possible. Part of that solution is the way Moving Station truly personalizes the moving experience to your loved ones’ needs. A personal relocation manager offers one-on-one services to ensure your loved one’s specific concerns are addressed. Moving Station is your loved one’s partner through this experience to listen, validate and form a relationship with.

Uncovering and Resolving Moving Challenges

Each person has a different moving experience. That’s why the team at Moving Station works to help discover what is standing in your loved one’s way and figure out what they can do to help. Their job is to break down the barriers to your loved one’s move and find a solution. For some, it may be the emotional connection to a long-term home. For others, a vast amount of clutter seems overwhelming and unmanageable. No matter what the reason may be, the personal relocation manager helps to identify what this need is and what needs to be done to ensure a smooth move.

Local Partnerships with Moving Organizations

When it comes to downsizing and real estate, Moving Station partners with local organizations to get the job done. It’s important to keep things local, so the team works with vendors from all over the United States to make sure that, no matter where your loved one lives, there will be a trusted partner that is willing to help.

Breaking the Move Down into Easier, Digestible Steps

Making a move is a big deal. This is a big process. You can’t do it all in one day, which is why Moving Station works to break down the moving process step-by-step. The team takes big issues and turns them into smaller, more digestible pieces that can make it easier to go from point A to Z. Maybe your loved one just spends an hour everyday packing boxes or focuses on cleaning out just one room or one closet per day. Whatever it is, Moving Station helps your loved one develop a plan that’s composed of steps to keep them on track without feeling overwhelmed. With a partner throughout this moving process, your loved one will feel supported and more confident in their transition to their new home at Ventana.

Discover Moving Tips for Seniors at Ventana by Buckner

At Ventana by Buckner, we want to make sure your loved one’s move into their new home is as smooth as possible. And partnering with Moving Station is just one way we enhance the senior living experience. Family members are thankful that Ventana offers a community that offers comfort and security. Start the conversation with the team at Ventana to learn how your loved one can thrive in our community. Contact us today to schedule your personal appointment. Or click on this link to schedule your tour of our community.