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Early Signs of Dementia to Look Out For

Man considering the early signs of dementia

The brain is arguably the most crucial organ in the human body. The brain helps people coordinate actions and reactions, allowing them to think, feel, and make memories. The brain’s functions make people human and keep bodies running correctly. As people age, though, there can be some natural declines in memory. Unfortunately, aging can put people at greater risk for brain diseases such as dementia.

It can be challenging to decipher the difference between natural memory loss from aging and the early signs of developing dementia. Call 214.225.6197 to speak with someone from Ventana by Buckner about our memory care program in Dallas and how to spot problems with memory and the early signs of dementia. The expert team at Ventana by Buckner has also developed the checklist below based on the “Know the 10 Signs” campaign of the Alzheimer’s Association to give you a better understanding of the first signs of dementia.

10 Early Signs of Dementia

1. Memory Loss That Becomes Disruptive in Daily Activities

Memory loss is perhaps the most common sign of developing dementia. This goes beyond temporarily struggling to recall names or facts, though. More severe instances of memory loss include forgetting important dates or appointments and increasingly relying on aids to get through the day.

2. Difficulty Solving a Problem or Planning

People with dementia may have difficulty concentrating on the problem before them and take longer to develop and follow a plan. If your loved one seems to be struggling with problem solving in ways they never used to, it could indicate dementia.

3. Increasing Difficulty in Completing Daily Tasks

Difficulty completing tasks can extend into home, work, or leisure activities. These tasks can be anything from forgetting the directions on a daily drive to accidentally mismanaging a budget.

4. Confusion About the Time or Place

If something is not happening immediately, a person with dementia may become confused. They may lose track of dates, times, and seasons. Be on the lookout for this early sign of dementia, especially if your loved one is well-organized and never seems to forget.

5. Vision Changes

Some people struggling with dementia may have difficulty doing the following vision-related actions:

  • Reading
  • Judging distances
  • Determining colors
  • Identifying contrasts

Another early sign of dementia is having trouble understanding visual images and special relationships.

6. Problems in Speech or Writing

People with dementia typically have difficulty joining and following a conversation. They may have to stop frequently to think of a word, repeat themselves often, or have trouble pronouncing a word they know.

7. Misplacing Belongings and an Inability to Retrace Steps

Losing keys in the house is one thing. Most people have done that at one point or another with a belonging they need. However, being unable to retrace steps to find those items can be a sign of dementia.

8. Poor Judgment

A person with dementia may experience changes in decision making. For example, your loved one may be more willing to talk to scammers who call their phone. Other examples include poorly managing money or forgetting to follow basic hygiene best practices.

9. Social and Work Withdrawal

Having dementia certainly takes an emotional toll on a person. They may withdraw from hobbies, friends, families, or work due to difficulty keeping up or the changes they are experiencing.

10. Frequent Changes in Mood or Personality

It’s common for a person with dementia to jump from one mood to the next. They may become easily upset, confused, fearful, or anxious when out of their comfort zone.

Find Solutions to Problems with Memory in Texas at Ventana by Buckner

As a full-service community, Ventana by Buckner can profoundly impact the health and wellness of its community members. Ventana goes beyond promoting members’ general well-being by caring for them through the full continuum of care. Ventana’s campus offers a full range of independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation services.

For those with loved ones with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you can feel at peace knowing that members of Ventana can benefit from memory care. A highly trained memory care team provides many services and amenities so members can live in a stress-free environment with independence, autonomy, and dignity. Start the conversation with the team at Ventana to learn how your loved one can thrive in our community. Contact Ventana by Buckner today at 214.225.6197 to schedule an appointment.