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Brain Exercises for Memory

Woman trying brain exercises for memory

Our bodies are like any other mechanism, they tend to become less efficient as they get older. Also, like any other mechanism, the better care we take of our bodies, the better they will work for us as we get older. It is normal for most people to experience some issues with memory and cognition as they age, but who wouldn’t like to slow or halt that process? Can brain training help with improving memory? How can you tell if memory issues are part of normal age-related slowdown or a cause for concern? For some people, especially those looking into memory care in Texas or other parts of the country, it can help to learn more about caring for brain health.

Memory Training: What are the Facts?

You may have read that doing crossword puzzles or using special apps on your smartphone can improve your brain’s ability to remember things and think quickly. Do these types of exercises actually work? The answer is complicated.

Limited research suggests that, for some people, these brain exercises can help improve cognition and memory retention. However, the science isn’t yet clear when it comes to how and if brain training can help your memory and thinking skills stay sharp. One thing that most scientists would probably agree on — even if we don’t know whether or not it will help you, it certainly can’t hurt you to do the exercises.

Keeping Your Brain Sharp and Healthy: Things to Try

If you are interested in trying some things to help maintain your brain’s health so that it can do its best for you, here are some things you might like to do:

  • Puzzles – Whether you like word and number puzzles or the kind of puzzles that you put together, these kinds of activities can be a fun way to keep your brain active and engaged.
  • Talk it out – Staying social and having discussions with others is a great way to keep your brain in working order. Some people enjoy casual socializing while others join book clubs or attend classes for fun.
  • Walk it out – One of the best ways to keep your brain healthy is to keep your whole body healthy. Especially for seniors, staying physically active is extremely important.
  • Do something new – You might think that adventures are for the young, but trying new things can be a wonderful source of inspiration and engagement. If you still think you are too old, try asking a young person to show you the ropes!

Normal or Not? When to Ask a Professional for Advice

As mentioned previously, it is normal to experience some blips in cognition or memory as we age. But how do you know when memory issues are normal and when to ask for some help? Here are some things to look for that may indicate a memory problem:

  • Feeling lost even though you are in a familiar place
  • Having trouble with money or forgetting to pay bills
  • People telling you that you are repeating questions
  • Trouble finding the right words or answering questions

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