Luxury Senior Living in Dallas: A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life of a Ventana Member Imagine … It’s Saturday morning at Ventana, and you wake up to luxury living on a beautiful Dallas day. Getting out of your comfortable bed, you go to your spacious, walk-in closet and slip on your bathrobe. Then you walk to your gorgeous, modern kitchen with […]

In The News: Chef Stephan Pyles Partnership with Ventana

State-of-the-art Dining at Ventana by Buckner Did you hear? Restaurateur and chef Stephan Pyles has partnered with Ventana by Buckner to develop five dining and drink concept establishments. Learn what this means for future members, or catch up on the recent coverage in the news: “Retirement community in tony area of Dallas snags one of […]

Coming to Ventana: The Culinary Expertise of Chef Stephan Pyles

Every aspect of Ventana by Buckner elevates what our members expect from luxury senior living. The diverse range of culinary and dining expectations of our members are no exception– which is why we’re so excited to announce that celebrated restaurateur Stephan Pyles has agreed to devise and develop five food and beverage concepts exclusive to […]