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How Ventana’s Premium Scent Adds a Touch of Home

senior man holding box with orchid in it while enjoying scenting for assisted living

Whether it’s freshly baked cookies or walking by your favorite candle store, there’s no question that scent is a significant part of our lives. Fragrance plays an integral role in memory, taste, and personality. And what better scent is there than the comfort of home?

At Ventana, we offer personalized, luxury accommodations beyond the traditional senior living experience. Our amenities and services include scenting for assisted living to create a better living experience for Members. Our services are designed with comfort in mind, including the scent of the building.

Ventana is proud to partner with ScentAir to offer a signature scent for the community that sets Ventana apart from other Dallas/Ft. Worth senior living communities. Assisted living fragrancing with this scent makes Members feel at home.

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Scenting for Assisted Living

ScentAir is our senior living partner that offers the smell of home. ScentAir is the #1 scenting company in the world with partners like Disneyland and hotel chains including Marriott and Westin.

The secret to ScentAir is the safe-to-use fragrance. Over 2,000 scented air options that are not an aerosol or liquid but a dry-scented fragrance are available, so you’ll feel comfortable and safe using it daily. This way, you can enjoy the smell of home, knowing it is safe for yourself and your loved ones.

In addition to creating a cozy and familiar atmosphere, senior living fragrancing with our signature scent also serves as a memory trigger for our Members. As scent plays a significant role in memory, our goal is to create positive associations with Ventana in their minds. This can be especially beneficial for those who may have memory impairments or are experiencing cognitive decline.

Furthermore, scent can also influence taste and increase appetite. By filling the air with the comforting smell of home, we hope to stimulate our Members’ appetites and provide them with a more enjoyable dining experience.

How ScentAir Developed Ventana’s Unique Home Fragrance

When your environment smells good, you feel at home and have a more pleasant experience. This is precisely what Ventana wanted for its Members when partnering with ScentAir.

ScentAir began working with Buckner Senior Living, the parent company of Ventana, a few years back and quickly expanded the program to all Buckner communities. The process included an onsite visit where representatives from ScentAir personally visited to get a feel of the atmosphere and find a solution that suits the community. By looking at the location and building, they could come back with scents they recommended for Ventana that were unique but not too overpowering.

As a luxury Life Care Community, comfort is high on our priority list. After discussing what we wanted to convey to those who visit and live here, we decided on the Ocean scent. Tina Rodgers, a Senior Regional Account executive at ScentAir, worked with us at Ventana to find a home fragrance that embodied the Ventana brand and would help prospective Members and their families feel at ease. “Ocean is one of our older fragrances,” Tina Rodgers explained. “it’s a very comfortable fragrance…you sort of see a blue hue and think of fresh, clean ocean air.”

Ventana also uses seasonal scents like Hot Apple Pie, Cranberry Apple Marmalade, and Eucalyptus Mint to get people in the holiday spirit and help them feel part of a warm, welcoming environment. When you walk into Ventana, our home fragrance is visitors’ first impression of the community. This partnership with ScentAir is just one example of how we go above and beyond to help Members instantly feel at home and offer the best possible high-rise senior living experience. So visit us and experience the comfort of your home at Ventana.

Call Today to Discover Comforting Home Fragrances at Ventana by Buckner

From its welcoming atmosphere to its luxurious amenities, Ventana offers a one-of-a-kind senior living experience. Our partnership with ScentAir is just one aspect that sets us apart from other senior living communities in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Experience Ventana’s signature scent for yourself. We’d love to have you as a visitor to our community. Contact our expert team today at 214.225.6197 or online. We’re here and happy to help.