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Executive Insights: Vision for Ventana

By Rick Pruett, Executive Director, Ventana by Buckner A little more than a month ago I joined the Ventana by Buckner team as executive director and it has been an extraordinary few weeks—including marking a construction milestone. In late July our team celebrated the topping out ceremony that included the raising of an American flag and a ceremonial beam to the top of the north tower. Just as I said on that (very) hot July morning, I am grateful to every single person who has labored to bring Ventana by Buckner’s construction to the midway point.  While July 20 marked a milestone in the development of this beautiful high-rise community in North Dallas, there are many more days to come on this continual journey. And those days – when Ventana is fully brought to life by those who have made the decision to be part of our community – will be significant because they will illustrate our shared value of well-being. Wellbeing, in its truest form, is more than just a matter of your physical health. It is an all-encompassing approach to living well and being well. As we continue to build the structure, we often speak to potential future members about the value of Life Care—how Ventana will provide medical and nursing care, Assisted Living, and Memory Care for those who need it, when they need it. This is an important conversation because part of what we do is help guide future members as they make plans for their future and the future of their loved ones. And while we spend time together speaking about the financial value, which is important, the real value of Ventana is—and will be—the value of life experiences and a shared community. See, while we are literally building a building, we are also building a community. Each time I am able to meet with future members we engage in wonderful conversations about the future. These conversations are not just about access to nursing services or the tax benefits of a full-service Continuing Care Retirement Community—our conversations are filled with vivid descriptions, detailed plans, and the pursuits of passions that will transpire. That is the true value of our community and the vision that I have for Ventana. I want future members to look forward to the incredible relationships they’re going to develop with each other. I want them to see the Ventana community as a place where they can explore, focus on their well-being, and maximize their potential for fulfilling lives. As we continue to build the physical structure where members will live and our team will work, we realize how powerful our connections and shared values truly are. In my view, a job well done will be when Ventana by Buckner exceeds the expectations of everyone that calls it home. I look forward to continuing this journey and sharing more insights with you along the way. And if you’d like to learn more, we always invite you to join us for a virtual tour of our high rise homes.