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Life Plan Communities vs. CCRCs

Two seniors debate life plan communities vs. CCRCs

Life plan communities vs. CCRCs… Just as you have choices in where to work or where you’ll go out for dinner, you also have choices on where to live when you retire. Some of those options include staying in your current home, moving to a retirement home-ownership or rental community, or considering a move to the most comprehensive option: a life plan community, formerly known as a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). Learn more about your senior living care options by calling us today at 214.225.6197.

What Is a Life Plan Community?

Life plan communities offer members the benefits of an independent living apartment within a vital and socially active community along with the covenant of life care and medical assistance if and when those services are needed. While CCRCs have been around for some time now, the term “life plan community” aims to redefine what it means to be a CCRC.

To be considered a life plan community, members must be offered multiple levels of care on location, be provided an active lifestyle, and have the opportunity to give back.

What About Ventana By Buckner?

Whether we call it a CCRC or life plan community, Ventana is a community in the truest sense, attracting an inclusive and vibrant population of neighbors who share an appreciation for living well and a passion for doing good. Under Ventana’s life care agreement, members know they have future care if they ever need it, such as:

  • Skilled nursing
  • Memory care
  • Assisted living

The agreement also includes amenities such as utilities, maintenance, a dining plan, housekeeping, and social, recreational, and life-long learning programs.

How Do Life Plan Communities Work?

CCRCs offer a number of residential opportunities ranging from independent living to long-term care. Members move in to the first level and are set for the rest of their lives, even if their needs should change. However, the number of older Americans is rapidly increasing. Many continue to stay healthy and active longer than previous generations. As a result, some CCRCs took a look at their terminology and decided a change was needed.

How Did the Life Plan Community Get Its Name?

Today’s baby boomers aren’t just retiring. They are reinventing themselves by continuing to be healthy and active, and are in no way ready to sit back and just do nothing. Many are finding encore careers as a step into their new lives. Others are looking to settle into a community that will meet their needs. This is one of the reasons behind changing the name of CCRCs to life plan communities.

Life Plan Communities vs. CCRCs: Why the Name Change?

Just as older adults have changed over the years, so have the communities in which they live. For years, senior housing was perceived negatively because those who resided there were said to have lost their independence. The original model of a CCRC (continuing care retirement community) was designed to change this perception. After a two-year renaming process, the term “life plan community” was judged by some to better fit the overall care and perception of these communities than CCRC.

The CCRC name change to life plan communities was accomplished through a process called “NameStorm.” LeadingAge, an association of not-for-profit groups dedicated to addressing the needs of aging Americans, along with CCRC owner Mather LifeWays and several marketing research firms, collaborated starting in 2013. They sought feedback from industry and corporate leaders, as well as polling more than 4,000 prospective and current CCRC/life plan members and the general public across the United States. The results were clear: 84% of prospective members under 65 desired a different categorization for CCRCs. The term “continuing care” was seen as inadequate in conveying an environment that fosters new experiences and growth. Instead, it implied a place where others care for older adults.

Why Is It Called a Life Plan Community?

The term “life plan community” represents more than just care, encompassing a full and fulfilling life. It combines living, planning, and a safety net of benefits, including advanced wellness services. LeadingAge announced the name change to better convey what mature adults desire in senior living residences, reflecting an evolving preference. The change represents a shift in appeal, rather than a change in services offered by CCRCs.

Appeal Shift in the Wants and Needs of Today’s Retirees

While not all CCRCs are switching their terminology, the appeal to rebrand into life plan communities persists. Today’s retirees don’t consider themselves “old folks.” They want to get out and move and engage in exciting activities, such as:

  • Getting an encore career
  • Eating locally sourced foods
  • Going to wine tastings
  • Enjoying salsa dancing

As the face of older Americans evolves, retirement communities are evolving to appeal to evolving needs.

Ventana by Buckner’s Life Plan Community in Dallas, TX

Ventana by Buckner wants to give our members peace of mind for the future by offering life care agreements. This will ensure they receive the best possible care for the rest of their lives in an environment where they will be comfortable and happy. So, if you’re thinking about life plan communities vs. CCRCs, Ventana by Buckner will exceed your highest expectations, offering exceptional care and a wide variety of amenities, services, and social outings. Contact us today at 214.225.6197 for more information on how to retire in our high-rise residence.