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The Benefits of a Continuing Care Retirement Community for Couples

man smiling in senior community while enjoying ccrc benefits for couples

No matter where you choose to spend your retirement years, it will always feel like home if you live with your life partner. But aging isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. So, what happens when you and your spouse have different needs but want to stay together? Can couples live in assisted living? The simple answer is yes.

A continuing care retirement community (CCRC), sometimes called a Life Plan Community, offers couples a unique opportunity to prepare for future challenges. The benefits of a CCRC for couples are that it provides independent living, assisted living, and memory care all in one location. As needs change for you or your spouse over time, you can get the help and support you need while staying together.

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Top 4 CCRC Benefits for Couples

While a CCRC has countless benefits for couples, a handful stand out as especially important. A CCRC can offer variable care and support if your needs differ from your spouse’s. Below are some of the unique benefits of a continuing care retirement community for couples:

  1. Improved physical health – Couples care for each other in various ways important to mental, physical, and emotional well-being. When separated, it’s not uncommon for physical health to deteriorate due to depression, isolation, and changes in daily routines. A CCRC can help a couple stay together even when health needs change over time.
  2. Consolidated costs – Couples who age together tend to reap CCRC financial benefits. However, when one spouse needs to move to assisted living or memory care, and the other spouse stays in their private home, it can cause a financial strain. One of the CCRC financial advantages for couples is that costs are consolidated to make more financial sense now and in the future.
  3. Peace of mind – Nothing is more stressful than fear of the unknown. Studies have shown that most people over 65 will need some long-term care in their lifetime. So, while you and your spouse might be healthy right now, it’s very likely that your needs could change over time. Choosing a CCRC will give you the peace of mind that you and your spouse will be cared for no matter how your health changes.
  4. Renewed zest for life – A CCRC offers a variety of amenities, services, and activities to help seniors stay active and engaged. You can explore new hobbies, make new friends, and go on various adventures together or separately that will give you both a renewed zest for life and may even bring you closer together as a couple.

As you can see, the benefits of a CCRC for couples are wide-ranging, and together, they add up to peace of mind now and well into the future. So, if you and your spouse are looking for living options that allow you to spend more time together enjoying all retirement has to offer, it might be a good time to start exploring CCRCs near you.

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Ventana by Buckner is a luxury continuing care retirement community in Dallas that can change how you and your spouse view retirement. The decision to move to a CCRC like Ventana will ultimately free you and your spouse from the likelihood of making more difficult decisions in the years to come.

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