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Building the Future of Senior Living

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Redefining Senior Living in DFW, TX

On Friday, July 20, we celebrated a much-anticipated milestone for Ventana by Buckner—the final floor of Dallas’ first luxury high-rise Life Care community. The topping off ceremony not only signifies the new 12-story addition to the skyline, but it marks the midway point in the project’s timeline. Those in attendance were reignited with excitement upon the realization that, around this time next year, Ventana by Buckner will open its doors to its first residents. “I’m really looking forward to about twelve months from now when the fulfillment of our vision starts, and that lifestyle for all members starts to become a reality,” said Rick Pruett, Executive Director of Ventana by Buckner.

Dr. Albert Reyes on the Vision of Ventana

That vision—a community that will redefine senior living—is very real for Dr. Albert Reyes, President and CEO of Buckner International. “What I want members to know today,” says Dr. Reyes, “is that we are not skipping over any detail–to make sure that we have excellence, to make sure the quality is high, and to do all the preparation so that this becomes a home that they’re really proud of.” Visit Bisnow, Dallas Patch, and The Dallas Morning News for more highlights from the day, and follow our blog for updates as we continue construction! [/av_textblock]