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Building Friendships in Retirement

Two older women enjoying tea together and building friendships in retirement

Retirement is a fun, relaxing time when older adults may enjoy hobbies and spend their time as they wish. Sometimes life circumstances may mean a person has to move away from old friends after retiring. Making friends can be challenging at any age but may be especially difficult for older individuals. Seniors may need help finding new ways to connect with people and socialize.

How can you meet others and build friendships in retirement? As you research senior living amenities and services, choosing a center with plenty of social activities can help you stay connected with people and make building friendships easier.

Friendships in Retirement: How to Meet People

Many of the relationships that we cherish begin in simple ways. Perhaps you met your best friend on the first day of a new job or in the audience at your child’s music recital. The good news is, in retirement, you have the opportunity to meet people who share your interests while spending your time enjoying life. Here are some things to try if you are interested in building friendships:

  • Volunteer – Are you passionate about pets? Try volunteering at a shelter. Are you retired from teaching? Volunteer at a literacy program. Do you dislike seeing litter on the streets? Volunteer with community cleanup initiatives. You will meet others who are passionate about your interests and committed to the same causes.
  • Take a class – You may think it sounds strange to return to school during retirement, but it can be an excellent way to build friendships. In workshops or enrichment classes, there is no need to worry about keeping your grades up; just show up and learn. You may meet others interested in the same issues and possibly find your new best friend.
  • Get outdoors – Older adults who are active and spend time outdoors live longer, healthier lives. What could be more motivating than that? Join a group that goes on nature walks or participate in a gardening or bird-watching club. Whatever your interest, you can meet new friends who can motivate you to stay active while enjoying fresh air and sunshine.
  • Join a club – If outdoorsy pursuits are not your thing, many other hobby-based clubs may offer something you like. If you are an avid reader, join a book club. If you love model trains, consider clubs and conventions devoted to this hobby. These groups can bring people with mutual interests together and support building friendships.

Engaging in social activities and interacting with others can promote mental and physical health, increase happiness, and create a sense of belonging for seniors.

Unsure What to Try? Go on a Trip

Day trips are often available to those residing in senior living communities. These outings may involve activities such as shopping, going on guided tours, and sightseeing. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, vacations and cruises for retired people can allow you to have fun, visit exciting places, and make new friends. No matter your interests, you can find something that will tickle your fancy. Some retired individuals plan trips together, allowing them to connect with old and new friends.

Build Friendships in Retirement at Ventana

In our active, vibrant community, our members are the heart and soul of everything. At Ventana, individuals can access various services, amenities, and activities that make building friendships and maintaining a social life more feasible for older adults. If you or someone you care about has been considering moving to senior living, contact our caring and helpful staff today at 214.225.6197 or online and schedule a tour. Let us show you how great senior living can be.