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How Independent Living Offers Seniors Peace of Mind


What are your plans for the future? What would you accomplish today if you knew there were  an option that offered the peace of mind of a smart, practical plan for the future? If, like a lot of seniors, you’re ready to let go of the responsibilities of homeownership and start exploring all the possibilities life holds, now might be a good time to consider a maintenance-free senior living option. This blog post will look at the benefits and security of choosing an independent living community for seniors like Ventana by Buckner.

8 Benefits of independent living for seniors.

  1. Neighbors like you: Because independent living communities are only for older adults, your neighbors and friends will all share similar life histories and experiences, making it easy to find things in common. 
  2. Age-appropriate wellness: Independent living communities are experts on the health and wellness needs of seniors. At Ventana, our culinary team works with nutritionists to create meals packed with fresh ingredients and nutrients to boost energy, help control weight, and prevent conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease. Physical activity lowers the risk of chronic disease, pain and premature death; our wellness instructor can help you find ways to get moving that work for your level of fitness and experience. 
  3. Be social: Nearly one-third of seniors who live by themselves who can become less socially active as they age. Independent living communities offer the opportunity to be social without the difficulty of arranging transportation or making plans. A monthly activity calendar may include social events like Happy Hours, board  game nights, book clubs, or trips to local theaters and museums.
  4. Maintenance-free senior living: Homeownership can come with quite a to-do list. There’s the work of vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, dusting and doing laundry. Then there’s also painting, as well as maintaining appliances, plumbing, heating and air conditioning. Plus there’s mowing, trimming, weeding and planting. Independent living communities take care of all your home’s upkeep and maintenance.
  5. Designed for you: While your home may have fit your needs over the last several decades, how is it set up for the years ahead? Does it need to be modified for you to continue to safely live at home? Ventana by Buckner offers a variety of floor plans specifically designed to help you gracefully age in place. 
  6. More freedom: What would you do if all the household chores were taken care of? What things would you explore? What hobbies would you take up or revive? When you know all the things you don’t want to do are taken care of, you have the opportunity to do what you want. 
  7. See the world: If you want to visit friends, travel the country or explore foreign lands, do it. We’ll take care of everything while you’re away. 
  8. Peace of mind: Believe it or not, your loved ones worry about you. By choosing a community like Ventana with a full continuum of on-site care, you and your family can rest assured knowing you have access to high levels of care, if ever needed. 

Typical services and amenities.

You can find a comprehensive list of the helpful services and thoughtful amenities offered at Ventana. Listed below are a few of the more common services communities offer as part of their independent living for seniors:

  • Utilities: The cost of your utilities like electricity, gas and water are usually covered in your monthly fee. At Ventana, cable TV and WiFi is also included. 
  • Housekeeping: This is a great way to free yourself from household chores.
  • Laundry: Depending on the independent living community, there might be flat linen service available while others will manage all your laundry.
  • Transportation: Moving to a community doesn’t mean you give up use of your car. However, communities typically offer scheduled transportation to events, shopping trips and doctor’s visits. This can be a big help when you don’t want to deal with traffic, parking or driving at night. 
  • Event calendar: One of the biggest benefits of independent living for seniors is their activities calendar. Communities offer a variety of art and wellness classes, educational events, happy hours and more.
  • Security: By living in a community, you’ll know someone is around to keep an eye on your place. 

Discover the benefits of choosing Ventana by Buckner.

As you explore your retirement options, be sure to consider the area’s premier senior living community: Ventana by Buckner. Our community offers the true peace of mind of an engaging lifestyle today with a smart, practical plan for the future.