How to Avoid Telephone and Online Scams for Seniors

Believe it or not, financial elder abuse is the most common form of senior abuse, and it’s also the fastest-growing. While some of the financial abuse is happening by family members, senior scams are becoming a growing concern for older adults. In recent years, legislators, law enforcement, and nonprofit organizations have joined the fight to […]

Popular New Trends for Retirement Communities

Everyone has their own idea of what retirement living looks like. For some individuals, it’s a condo on a beach in Florida. For others, it’s moving in with family members. And for still others, it’s finding a retirement community with high rise apartments that let them to make the most of this next chapter in […]

The Essential Nutrients for Brain Health and Memory You Should Know About

When compared to the rest of the body, the brain consumes an immense amount of energy. And according to the National Institutes of Health, the mechanisms involved in the transfer of energy from foods is fundamental to the overall control of brain function. So what does that mean for you? It means the foods you […]