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The Ventana Promise is Our Senior Living Satisfaction Guarantee

We get it. At a time like this, making a retirement living plan can feel like a move you may not be able to take back – even when the alternative is a gorgeous high-rise residence that complements fabulous lifestyle amenities with impeccable safety standards and the assurance of Life Care. So, we’ve just made it much easier to decide if Ventana is right for you.

We know you’ll love it here. In fact, we’ll guarantee it.

The Ventana Promise: Happiness Guaranteed.

Our goal is to ensure the happiness of Ventana Members from the very beginning of their journey. We’ve created three options that will essentially take the risk out of your decision, enabling you to make a plan in incremental steps and change your mind without financial consequence. By exercising the option of your choice, you can experience the beauty, elegance and lifelong security of Ventana for yourself — and reserve the right to decide until you’re certain you’ve made the right choice.

Learn more about our Promise options and the different ways they can protect you financially by contacting us today. Fill out our contact form, schedule your personal appointment or call directly at (214) 234-1035.

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