What Is Wellness in Senior Living?

It’s long been thought a person’s life span is largely determined by the combination of genetics and environmental factors. However, recent studies suggest genetics account for as little as 20% of a person’s chance of living to age 85. It’s actually lifestyle choices — diet, exercise, smoking habits — that play an outsized role in […]

What Is Life Care at Ventana?

Many older retirees are seeking more than a community where they can purposefully age in place. What they’re really looking for is empowerment.  These older adults want a lifestyle where they can live independently and dictate the rhythm of their days without the headaches of homeownership. They also want the peace of mind that comes […]

Is Assisted Living an Option After a Stroke?

Stroke symptoms can strike suddenly, and damage to the brain can happen within minutes. Yet recovery from a stroke can be a lengthy process that requires hard work, perseverance and commitment. It also requires patience, because it may take months or years for a stroke survivor to recover. An assisted living facility for stroke patients […]

How to Relocate Parents to Senior Living

It’s not so much the grand sun, it’s the grandson (or granddaughter) who’s enticing more baby boomer parents to relocate these days.  Instead of moving to sunny Tucson or balmy Ft. Lauderdale, baby boomers are increasingly packing up to be closer to wherever their millennial children and grandchildren are. And the city of Dallas comes […]