Summer safety tips for seniors.

Are older adults more susceptible to high temperatures and heat-related illnesses? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they are. Seniors engaged in outdoor activity during the summer months should be extra cautious. Chronic health conditions and prescription medications can leave seniors vulnerable to the effects of too much heat and sun, and […]

What Do Members Love Most About Ventana?

Anyone who steps inside will feel it immediately. A central interior garden with a fountain, sculptural bamboo plantings, intimate seating areas and decorative hanging lights. An interior fully enclosed by glass, so the feeling of outdoors is always close by. A beautiful courtyard opening to the sky above, allowing natural light to brighten the space. […]

Vision Problems, Eye Care, and Making Senior Eye Health a Priority

Along with the many physical changes that come with growing older, vision changes should perhaps be monitored most closely. Why? Because today, early diagnosis and treatment of eye problems offer the greatest likelihood of retaining sight despite the presence of eye disease. Regular eye exams, competent eye care, and a healthy diet and lifestyle all […]

Why 2021 Is the Best Time for Seniors to Sell Their Home

At least for a while, that familiar real estate mantra about “location” may be replaced by one that focuses more on “timing.” Right now — summer 2021 — may be the best time in recent memory to sell a house. And for seniors selling a home, current real estate market conditions have aligned to form […]