Entrance Fees for Ventana by Buckner: What You Need to Know

Entrance Fees

What is an Entrance Fee? 

An entrance fee is a one-time payment based on the size of the apartment selected. As a Member of Ventana, this entrance fee is 90% refundable to you or to your estate. Payment of this sum, along with a monthly service fee, entitles you to a home at Ventana for life.

The entrance fee allows Ventana to offer you monthly service fees that are closer to what most retirees would pay on a monthly basis to maintain their current homes and lifestyles. The entrance fee also allows you the opportunity to convey the deposit to your estate as desired in the future.

Why is there an entrance fee?

In order to provide both the level of residential and medical excellence Members deserve, as well as a financial model that is affordable and sustainable, a refundable entrance fee has been determined to be the best option for all concerned.

Many Members apply the proceeds from the sale of their home toward the entrance fee. This payment model makes it possible for Members to enjoy the benefits of CCRC living and the assurance of multiple levels of care in the future at predictable costs. Members enjoy knowing that at least 90 percent of their entrance fee will be returned to them, their children or their estate in the future.

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