For You, From Every Angle

D2 Architecture is a place where humanitarianism, art, technology, creativity, good will and architecture meet, every morning. As touted on their website, they’re “different” because they limit their practice exclusively to designing senior living communities, with 150 communities in their portfolio. David Dillard and the D2 team pride themselves that they know this niche backward and forward, and they love it! They even created the Sleepover Project®— a D2 research program that sends every staff member (and a dozen colleagues) into the field to live a day in the life of their most important customer — the resident.Even before ground has been broken on Ventana by Buckner, the community’s architects already are thinking of you — your desires, your dreams, your needs. This effort, they vow, will be as unique and carefully crafted as you are.Thoughts from the Architect

Every project carries its own design solutions before we ever really “meet.” They are buried in the soil of that place, that time, those views, that slope, that traffic pattern, that market  to be discovered by us as architects as our work begins. Finding those imbedded messages, in fact, is our first order of business. And then there is the client’s culture  a concurrent influence, the online casino importance of which, project-by-project, is impossible to over-emphasize. And finally, we architects bring a few ideas of our own to the table  imports of nationwide trends in senior living, practical lessons learned firsthand in this wonderful specialty of ours, and then our own aesthetic tastes.The recipe for Ventana includes all of these ingredients — the amazing site, the remarkable combination of compassion and competence of our client, Buckner Retirement Services, the contributions of a few dozen other wonderful players (including potential residents), and then add D2 Architecture whose own culture is centered 100% around making wonderful places for seniors to live, work, and play  “senior living is all we do.” And, voila! Ventana. I can’t wait for you to see it. I already do.David Dillard, FAIA D2 Principal and Lead DesignerFor more information about D2 Architecture and to see examples of their work, visit their website at