Are My Parents Ready for Senior Living?

As your parents continue to enjoy their retirement years, you may begin to notice that they aren’t living their life to the fullest. Maybe the home they’ve grown and raised a family in is now too much work. Or perhaps recent health changes are beginning to concern you, and your family is looking for a […]

How to Live a More Active Lifestyle

Did you know that an active lifestyle can add years to your life? It’s true! Studies have found that staying physically active during periods of leisure time is associated with a longer life expectancy. This is, in part, due to maintaining weight, lowering blood pressure, strengthening bones, improving flexibility and much more. Staying active doesn’t […]

Senior Rehabilitation Therapy Designed with Your Needs in Mind

You’ve worked hard all of your life, and you deserve the best during your retirement years. As part of Ventana’s commitment to offering the finest in luxury senior living, we offer a full range of care options, including rehabilitation care. For those who require care to recover from acute illness, injury or surgery, the Ascend […]

6 Facts Family Caregivers Should Know about Assisted Living

As a caregiver to your spouse, parent or loved one, you may have considered other options to help them live their best life. You may have looked into technology that can make their lives easier or you may have put a lot of time and effort into helping them continue to live in their house. […]